Atticus Finch

Maycomb Times

Mystery of the Finch

In our small town, Maycomb, a man named Atticus Finch is the most well educated and wise man of all. Nobody really know what has happened to his past, and how he appeared in Maycomb. Atticus is always a man dressed in suits, no matter at work or at home. He is a man that treated everything and everyone with respect and equality. His wiseness and kindness made lots of people think about his history and what he had been through many times. This is why on Decemeber 23rd, 1943, some of the folks in Maycomb decided to gather up and find out what the most wise man in our town has been through.

The past of Atticus Finch

Atticus Finch is born in Maycomb in 1423. He was adopted by an old man, Bobby Finch, when he found him in the middle of the Maycomb Way in a cold winter day. Atticus is born with a talent of almost everything, athletically and educationally. He was the man that every man had ever dream of. Although he had such talent, he has never bragged about it in his life. People have always viewed him as one of the Maycomb's model. In 1457, he became a lawyer, since he wanted to change the racism and the unfairness that Maycomb is having. Now, he is a man that has becomes everyone's role model and forever will be.