Chapter 18

Ka-ke, Near Hiroshima: April 1946

Theme In Relation to the Novel

The chapter's theme relates to the chapter's general theme of social injustice toward the Japanese because it shows the aftermath the bombing of Nagasaki has had on innocent people and an innocent small town.

"It was the bomb," Toyo explains. "Even here, fifteen miles away, like an earthquake sent to rip the world in two" (Housron 142.)

Theme of the Chapter

The theme of the chapter seems to be that family will be supportive no matter the circumstances. This is as Woody's Japanese family openly accept him and make him feel welcome and allows him to better understand his family and especially his father.

"He'd never seen it before, never thought to compare himself with Papa, never dared. Now he knows what he should have said while Toyo knelt there" (Houston 148.)


  • The entire chapter is italicized to indicate that the chapter takes place in the future.
  • The italicized text indicates a drastic change in point of view and overall mood of the text changes to an almost relived feeling.

Chapter Summary

Woody travels to Nagasaki to the residence of his father's favorite aunt where they view the grave of his "dead" father. Woody enjoys the time spent with his family and learns more about his family history.
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