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Do YOU like being tracked and monitored??

The NSA should NOT track our phones

they don't have the right to track our phones. It be okay if they could only see our location. but they can see our messages,pictures,and listen to our phone calls word-for-word. that is right because we have the right to privacy. So no the idea of tracking our phones is wrong.

We as a nation are being tracked and monitored

The NSA Is tracking our phones! -Posted on January 16, 2014 by WashingtonsBlog

The government has sought to reassure us that it is only tracking “metadata” such as the time and place of our phone calls, and not the content of the calls.

There is substantial evidence from top whistleblowers that the government is recording the content of our calls and emails … word-for-word.

But even accepting the government’s claims at face value, technology experts say that “metadata” can be more revealing than the content of your actual phone calls.

For example, security expert Bruce Schneier points out:

Metadata equals surveillance.

Imagine you hired a detective to eavesdrop on someone. He might plant a bug in their office. He might tap their phone. He might open their mail. The result would be the details of that person’s communications. That’s the “data.”

Now imagine you hired that same detective to surveil that person. The result would be details of what he did: where he went, who he talked to, what he looked at, what he purchased — how he spent his day. That’s all metadata.

When the government collects metadata on people, the government puts them under surveillance. When the government collects metadata on the entire country, they put everyone under surveillance.

In other words, a bug can record what you say, but a detective tailing you would know exactly where you’ve gone, who you’ve talked to, and what you’re actually doing. That’s much more intrusive. Moreover, you might watch what you say – or speak in generalities or in code – if you’re worried about someone listening to your content. But if a detective is following you around 24 hours a day, he’ll know exactly what you’re really up to.

After all, the NSA is tracking your exact location when you make or receive phone calls … not just the time, duration and phone numbers involved in the calls.

And Stanford researchers say that it is trivially easy to match metadata to people’s actual name and identity.

New York Magazine explains:

“When you take all those records of who’s communicating with who, you can build social networks and communities for everyone in the world,” mathematician and NSA whistle-blower William Binney — “one of the best analysts in history,” who left the agency in 2001 amid privacy concerns — told Daily Intelligencer. “And when you marry it up with the content,” which he is convinced the NSA is collecting as well, “you have leverage against everybody in the country.”

“The public doesn’t understand,” Landau told Mayer. “It’s much more intrusive than content.”

-Posted on January 16, 2014 by WashingtonsBlog



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