Saving someone in danger

-The risks, and the rewards

People in danger

Everyday, people are getting in danger. For example, The Huffington Post wrote an article titled, It says, "The homeless man jumped back in front of the car, to attempt slowing it down again... As it turns out, the woman pricing the car had a seizure while driving and passed out in the front seat" (Incredible story of a homeless man who risked his life for a stranger").

This is something everyone wishes they have the courage to do. What are the risks? What are the Rewards?

The risks

- By putting yourself in a dangerous situation, you put yourself in danger too. For example, The man who saved that other man on the train tracks said "tell my daughters their dad is okay"("A man down, a train arriving, and a stranger makes a choice"). He could have died and devastated his families life.

-You could get a long term injury that you have to deal with for the rest of your life. For example, on Yahoo news an article it says, "Michael Patterson ...dived into a creek to save a four year old girl from drowning and became paralyzed from the chest down" ("Man who became paralyzed after saving drowning girl dies").

The Rewards

-People will think you're a hero! Like on it has an article that says, "While we never expected to lose moments were spent saving the life of another" ("Father of four hailed as a hero after he drowned while saving a girl rom Lake Erie").

-You could receive medals, badges, and national recognition. In the hot, a news site reads, "Barack Obama... gathered at the White House thursday to witness the severally wounded marine receive the medal if honor" ("Kyle carpenter receives Medal of Honor for jumping on a grenade for his men").

Was it worth it?

All of these people and more risked their life.They risked put themselves in danger, and getting a long term injury. But they could've been given national recognition and even be hailed as a hero.

Now a simple question stands, was it worth it? We think yes, because if you hadn't even tried that person would be dead and you would have to live with the guilt. And it goes beyond just that person, their entire family and friends would be devastated. It's true, you could die like Michael Patterson, "Moments later, Mr.Radke disappeared" (" Father off our hailed as a hero after he drowned while saving a girl from Lake Erie"). But even having that risk is better than the almost certain death of one or more people.

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