Thomas "Stone wall" Jackson

By: Alejandro Reyes

Where did they live?

Thomas jackson lived in Clarksburg, West Virginia United states

He's Historically Important Because

  • Confederate General.
  • 1846- 47 War with Mexico
  • 1859 John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry Arsenal
  • 1861- 65 Civil War
  • 1862 Confederate's fired on fort sumpter in Charleston Harbor; 1st battle at Bull run.
  • 1863 Chancellorville

Historical Events that Happend during "Stonewalls" Time

  1. James Monroe was president of the united states.
  2. Scottish Social reformance Fanny smith Championed Woman's rights, and free public school's
  3. The First commercial Italian Pasta Factory was started.
  4. Cadburys chocolate began as a tea and coffee shop in Birmingham, England

This person impacted History by.

This person impacted the world by Holding his line of defense at the battle of Henry Hill.

This is how he got his nickname "Stonewall" from.

Also he was the Confederate general in the Civil War.

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Was political belief he was in.

He believed that he was a confederate general fighting for his rights in the civil war for his confederate states