4L Daily News

week of 1/04/16

Monday 1/04

It's our first day back from Winter Break.

This is the first time this year that we have Typing Agent for homework.

Tuesday 1/05

Adalyne is our new Star Student!

Tomorrow we have early-morning Chorus practice at the High School.

Wednesday 1/06

Only three students are with Mrs. Landry this morning (until everyone returns from Chorus practice at 10:15)!

Ryan, Emily, and Jack are doing every classroom job this morning!

Thursday 1/07

We had a field trip to Wegman's this morning with Mrs. Wisniewski.

We have our Geography Bee this afternoon--Max, Kieran, and Alex are representing our class!

Post script: HUGE Kudos to Max and Kieran for participating in the Geography Bee-- it was awesome to see them using their knowledge of geography! And a BIG round of applause for Alex, who battled for first place against a fifth-grader in round after round of tie-break questions in the Championship round, answering questions about which most people in the audience had no clue-- a well-earned 2nd Place!!!!!!!!!

Geography Bee!

Friday 1/08

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