James Coolidge Crumby

My Great Grandfather

Summary of James Coolidge Crumby

James Coolidge Crumby, my great grandfather, was born March 14, 1928. He was greeted by his parents, James W. Crumby and Exer Slyvester Crumby. When he was one to thirteen years old, he went through the Great Depression, which also included the Dust Bowl. He was also, an active soldier with the United States Air Force. His military experience was in the Philippines, and was a part of World War ll. His wife's name was Martha Ann (Gurley) Crumby, and his children's names are Jane Musser, Jimmy Dan Crumby, Mary Ann Roberts, Tommy Crumby, Mike Crumby, William (Bill) Crumby, and the late Stephen Crumby. James Coolidge Crumby died September 29, 1960.

Crumby's Military Experience

James Coolidge Crumby's military experience was in the Philippines from 1946-1950 or 51. The war department credited enlistments as war veterans up to three or four years after it was over. His part was in the rebuilding of the Philippines as a cable installer.

How James Coolidge Crumby Fit in History

James Coolidge Crumby fit in history by going through the Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression, at the age of one. Also, including the Dust Bowl, at the age of 3. At the age of 11, he went through World War ll with his family, until he decided to join the United States Air Force. Which also included his service in the Philippines. He also experienced the Vietnam War, but he never got to see who won the victory the because of his car accident.

The Final Day of James Coolidge Crumby

It was a beautiful September 29, 1960 day, in Houston, Texas. James Coolidge Crumby was driving home, to his loving and caring family. But something horrible happened. As he was driving, he had went into cardiac arrest and died as a result. His service was held at Sam H. Green Funeral Home in Houston, Texas. They then transported his corpse to his burial place, which is in Henry Cemetery in Alcorn County, Mississippi.