Looking for #40!

Assigned our 39th 'Guardian of the Shield' keytag on Thursday--and we want you to be #40. To learn more about the program, download a brochure--or print the contract to register, click here.

See our list of 39 Guardians here.

We thank you for your support!

Congrats DAWG Golfers!

Your Aquin Bulldogs posted a victory over Dakota last night . . . WOO HOO!!!

Get to Milledgeville early tonight!

Fresh-Soph will be playing at 5:30, but in a shortened format as Milledgeville wants to try to start the Varsity game by 7:00. So, if you're heading down and want to see the entire Varsity game, plan to arrive before 7:00.

Can't make it to Milledgeville?
Listen to the game live on WFRL 1570AM or on the web at


High School Campus Parent Night is Sept. 9

We will meet in the cafeteria at 6:00 p.m. for introductions and brief presentation.

Parents & students will follow the student’s every day class schedule.

  • Following your student’s schedule, you will experience what his/her day looks like.
  • Periods 1-10
  • 5 minutes in each class
  • Teachers will go over syllabus, expectations, academic goals, etc.
  • Families will have the normal 3 minutes passing time to each class.
  • The bell system will signal all class changes.

Before the presentation or after 'class', stop at our 'Uniform Donation' table and pick up some FREE khakis, polos, sweatshirts and more. All items have been brought to the Aquin office by generous alumni families to be passed on to current 'uniform-wearing' Bulldogs.

Want $100 off your Tuition Bill?

When you use Scrip for your day-to-day purchases (gas, groceries, prescriptions), you save on tuition--and help Aquin. We currently have 3 families who have tuition credit amounts of $109, $115 and $188 each in just a few months by using Scrip. But that's only half the story. These same amounts are also in Aquin's bank account as half the Scrip 'rebate' goes to the family and half goes to Aquin. That's $412 in fundraising without selling a thing--a true win/win!

If you want to know more about Scrip--either online or in the office--contact today!

Mark Your Calendars

When we get back from our long Labor Day weekend, it will be nearly into the 'double digits' of September. To get you prepared for what's coming, please mark these events on your calendar (not including athletic events as that list is TOO long):

  • Sept. 9-10: Picture Days at St. Joe's Campus
  • Sept. 9-10: Fall Play Auditions for Senior High
  • Sept. 11: Picture Day at High School Campus (note: Seniors will have their pictures taken on this day by Kurt Koester. Therefore they will follow the dress code as the 7-11th graders follow.)
  • Sept. 13: Last Day to enter your 'Miles and Minutes'!
  • Sept. 13: Aquin Flea Market from 8:00am-2:30pm
  • Sept. 22: 8th Football Parent Night
  • Sept. 26: Guardian of the Shield 'Octoberfest'
  • Sept. 27-October 3: Aquin XM . Homecoming 2015
  • Sept. 27-28: Senior Class Retreat
  • Sept. 30: Aquin Homecoming Parade . 5:30