Peer Ministry Summer Meeting Agenda

July 9, 2014

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Opening Prayer

Prayer Requests

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Survey Results so far

So far there have been 13 responses of the 31 peer ministers to the survey to find out when we do our peer ministry retreat. Please click here and fill out the survey by the end of today.

How can Peer Ministry and Notre Dame answer Bishop's call to action?

In a recent statement, our Bishop most Reverend Gerald R. Barnes has called our Diocese to action. He asks for our prayers and our support for our immigrant brothers and sisters. These women and young children come to America seeking refuge and many people are turning them away, we as a church are called to action. What if any response should come from the community of Notre Dame? Brainstorm how we can help.

Prayer Requests

Mr. Alvarado, Mrs. Pascua and any member of Peer Ministry can bring prayer requests to the group at any time. One of a Peer Minister's most important jobs is to be a "Spiritual First Responder." When loved ones, members of our communities, and anyone or situation are in need of prayer, we come together and pray. Never forget to P.U.S.H.





Chair Positions

We are still missing a few nomination forms, when we break off into our Committees, Mr. Alvarado will inform you if they have not received your nomination form yet. All forms must be in by Friday July 11th or they will not be accounted for and the Chair positions will be selected without your input.

Committee and Project Action Item Updates

Opening Liturgy - Nick, Dominique, Kim, Ashley

  • Talk to choir about music selection and student participation - Dominique.

Bishop's Mass - Lucas, Cisco, Megan, Steven

  • Find Readers and People to help with setup and break down - Cisco
  • Ask around for suggestions for music - Steven

Freshmen Retreat - Isaias, Roman, Cierra, Stacy, Jose, Krishty, Diana, Jiovanni, Stephanie

  • Bring Icebreakers - Team
  • Scripture verses for Mass - Team
  • Talk Ideas - Team

Sophomore Retreat - Victoria, Janise, Quinn, Atzire, Vivianna, Claudia

  • Give a timeline to the team for completing tasks - Mr. Alvarado
  • Ideas for the Title of the Retreat - Team
  • Two talk titles and an outline for one talk - Team
  • Ideas for Icebreakers for the day - Team

Weekly Rosary for Intentions - Megan and Stacy

  • Talk to Stacy to see what she had in mind -Megan

Big Brother/Sister Program - Cierra, Stephanie, and Rachael

  • Continue to give ideas - All Peer Ministers

Other Possible Committees and Projects

Visiting and Elderly Home - Stacy, Janise, and Diana

Peer Counseling Promotion - Victoria, Krishty, Kim and Dominique

Soup Kitchen/Homeless Shelter - Kim

Future Projects

Projects that we should keep on our radar.

Junior Retreat - November 21st

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception Mass (Morning Mass) - December 8th

Committee Break Off

Peer Ministers will break off into Committees to start working on projects.

If a peer minister is on multiple committees, choose the one that is the most important or is first on the calendar.

  • Mr. Alvarado is working on deadline sheets for each group and will send them out as they are completed.
  • Please determine times to meet and plan outside of the planning meetings, especially if your project is quickly coming up.

Large Group Wrap

Committees review their action items for and who is responsible for each action item.

Other Business

Update on Dr. Hargis' condition. Do we want to do something for him?

Find out what's happening with Mia in Africa - Mrs. Nadeau has given us permission to share a blog that recaps what Mia and her team have been doing in Tanzania. Feel free to take a look and see all the things she has been doing. Mia even posted a Blog herself!

You can Find the Blog by clicking this Link

Other Business items from anyone who wishes to bring them up.

Closing Prayer