School Nutrition Program Update


Verification of Eligibility Deadlines and Required Actions:

  • October 1, 2020 Count of approved meal applications
  • Last operating day in October Count of students for annual Preliminary and SFA Verification Reports
  • November 1, 2020 Preliminary Verification Report (PVR) opens – TX-UNPS>Download Forms SNP-123 Verification Report Resources and email link
  • November 16, 2020 Verification Process Completed and Preliminary Verification Report (PVR) Due
  • December 1, 2020 Verification Collection Report (FNS-742) opens in TX- UNPS
  • February 1, 2021 Verification Collection Report (FNS-742) due

Preliminary Report Data

The Preliminary Report is data collected from October 31, October 30 this year as the 31st was on a Saturday.

  • The count of students reported on the Preliminary Verification Report MUST equal the count of students reported on the SFA Verification Collection Report in TX-UNPS. SFA Verification Report opens December 1, 2020.
  • All CEs will need to count the number of students enrolled as of October 30th. This includes the number of students with approved applications and the number of students directly certified BY EACH CATEGORY.(Free, Reduced, Direct Certification)
  • The count of students with applications does not apply to RCCIs or sites that participate in CEP or P2. CEs that participate in CEP and P2 are required to report the count of students directly certified.
  • The Preliminary Verification Report will open November 1st and is due Monday, November 16th. This is a Jot Form in TX-UNPS Download Forms (SNP-123). A link to the form will be emailed to each Child Nutrition Director.

Household Report Form

  • Don't forget to collect all correspondence and information for each household on the Household Report Form.
This form and all other letters for verification are located at the Verification Letters and Records button link below.

Meal Pattern Status

This is not a waiver. However, each CE must decide to implement this SY or next SY.

A federal court ruling earlier this year has reversed several NSLP/SBP meal pattern flexibilities. As a result, the following meal pattern changes are effective immediately:

• All grain contribution components must be 100% Whole Grain Rich.

• Sodium reduction goals will revert to (original) Sodium Target 2.

• All flavored milk must be fat-free/skim.

Texas CEs have one school year to come into compliance. No action is necessary at this time unless the CE prefers to immediately comply with the current meal pattern including the changes listed above. CEs immediately implementing the meal pattern with the above changes must notify TDA, if they have not yet done so, by filling out the form located at the button below.

30-Day Carryover Date

Please see the FAQs, Q90 for 30-day carryover guidance.

If you did not operate NSLP for the full 30 operating day carryover, you may keep the SY 19-20 carryover eligibility status for students who do not have updated eligibility this SY 20-21. However, you should continue to accept applications and retrieve the DC report to update student's benefit status in the Point of Sale (POS) and for PEIMS recording.

90.How will SY 2021-2022 carryover eligibility be affected if I operated NSLP for less than 30 days during 2020-2021, thus limiting the window in which to accept and process eligibility applications?

Based on USDA guidance, SFAs that have fewer than 30 NSLP operating days in SY 2020-2021, including SFAs with no NSLP operating days, will utilize the latest data available to apply carryover eligibility status to its students in SY 2021-2022 once the 30-day carryover period resets.

For example:

• For any students with applications submitted and processed in SY 2020-2021, the SY 2021-2022 carryover eligibility for those students will be based on the status determined from the processed applications.

• For any students that did not submit an application in SY 2020-2021, their carryover eligibility status will be based on SY 2019-2020 data. Note that any SFAs with 30 or more NSLP operating days in SY 2020-2021 should have conducted verification activities per regulation and established a new baseline eligibility status for all students in SY 2020-2021.

PreK as Direct Certification (DC)

As of SY 20-21, ALL PreK students are NOT directly certified (DC).

Some PreK students may be DC if you receive a list from the PreK Coordinator or respective person who determined their eligibility to attend the PreK program.

This is the same concept of the Liaison providing a list of foster students. You DC the student because the Liaison determined they were considered a foster child.

These students are considered as local categorical directly certified.

Documentation Required:

  • The PreK student list must indicate if the student is determined as free or reduced.
  • The list must have the signature of the person providing the list.
  • The PreK student is then determined as DC free or reduced. They are directly certified because the eligibility has been determined in order to attend PreK.
  • If you have a PreK student who is not F/R then you will consider them paid.

Not all Point of Sale (POS) systems have a way to identify DC PreK. How you identify them in the POS is up to you. As long as you are consistent with identifying them in the POS and can count the number of DC for reports.

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November Workshops

See the link provided for Region 6 CN November Workshops and other continuing education opportunities.

Continuing Education Workshops


TXELMS Resources

TXELMS and Reports

R6 CN Specialists

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Dina Herrick

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This institution is an equal opportunity provider. This program is funded by the USDA.