By: WIliam and Rebecah

how does water enter a plant?

Water comes from the ground, then the roots absorbs the water. It goes to through the stem into the leaves.

How does CO2, enter the leaves?

CO2 gets in the leaves from the energy from the sunlight.
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Where does Photosynthesis occur in the plant?

It occurs in anything green, chloroplast turns it green.

What is a waste product and how is it removed from the plant?

Green plants produce carbon dioxide and water as respiratory products.
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What does the plant do with the sugar it makes?

Plants need sugar to go through photosynthesis.
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What are the final products of photosynthesis and how are they important to to on this plant?

The final product is Glucose and oxygen. Without photosynthesis all the animals would die and so will people.
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Why is sunlight important to the process of photosynthesis?

WIthout sunlight no plant will grow and plants release carbon dioxide.
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Our blood stream
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Diffusion (passing through the cell membrane)
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What is ATP?

Adenosine triphosphate
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Why is ATP important?

It stores energy in its bonds

What is a waste product of cellular respiration and how is it removed from the body?

carbon dioxide and water. we exhale and sweat.

What living things carry on the process of cellular respiration?

anaerobic cellular respiration and aerobic cellular respiration


Carbon dioxide+ Water+ Sunlight-------> Glucose+ Oxygen

Glucose+ Oxygen -----> Carbon Dioxide+ Water+ ATP

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reactants & product

product for cellular respiration: C6H12O2

reactant for cellular respiration: 6CO2+ 6H2O+25ATP

product for photosynthesis: co2+h20+sunlight

reactant for photosynthesis: c6h12o6+o2


they both have carbon and water


Reactant for cellular respiration has ATP

Product of photosynthesis has sunlight

How are they dependent on each other

they both release oxygen and both release energy


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photosynthesis / cellular respiration rap