6th Grade Technology At Lineville

By: Lily B. Stammer


~The iTrailer was in my opinion the most interesting project we did this year in thechnology. I liked it because I got an excuse to travel, and spend time with my best friend.

~Another good thing personally for me about the iTrailer is that I am interested in making movies so it was an extra fun experience.

~For the iTrailer you just have to fill out the storyboard and have fun with it.

Haiku Deck

~Our Haiku Deck presentation is in a way linked to Career locker, because it deals with our dream careers.

~You will have to present your Haiku Deck to the class. (HAHAHA)

~So you will have to research your career and learn lots about it.

Typing Web

~In 6th grade we had to get ourselves all the way through the intermediate course on typing web.

~Each year each student only has technology class for one semester, and during that one semester, students get one of two teachers. They're names are Mrs. Myers, and Mr. Kelly.

~This year (not to brag) I got all fours and last year I didn't get the best grades in this class.

Explain Everything

~For our Explain Everything unit we had to choose a math problem and show how to solve it using the Explain Everything app.

~You also have to use a picture or diagram to be a visual aid for solving the problem.

~This unit is pretty much to help us learn how to use the Explain Everything app.


~We did Coding to help us learn a lot of new skills.

~Basically, The farther you get, the better... that's what your grade will be based on!

~Coding is Cool also because you can choose which course to do, depending on your interests!

Career Locker

~Mrs.VandenBoogard comes in and helps us navigate the site and she teaches us about it.

~In the career Locker unit you get to really express yourself and learn about your future, Its really exiting!

~You also get the chance to do a SPEC conference with your Parents and Mrs.VandenBoogard.

Thank You For Teaching Technology Class Mr.Kelly, and Mrs.Myers!!!