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By: Marcie Dryden, Principal

January 21, 2015

Mission Statement

The mission of Helen Keller Elementary School is to establish and maintain an educational community that empowers all students to become principled, independent inquirers who are socially responsible global citizens.

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We want our parking lot to be as safe as possible. To help with this, last week we put cones out to ensure a safe traffic flow from the Maintenance Parking Lot to the Keller North Parking Lot. Since we've made this change, I have observed a couple of vehicles exiting through the one way entrance! Please be patient and follow the flow of traffic for everyone's safety. I'm in the process of purchasing and placing a "Do Not Enter" sign. In the meantime, please make sure that you follow the traffic flow and obey all traffic signs.

Parking lot continues...

While I was out in the parking lot, I spoke with a grandfather who was unfamiliar with our parking lot procedures because it was his first time dropping off his grandchildren. That got me thinking, It could be possible that other drivers may be a first timer or unfamiliar with our parking lot procedures.

For your convenience, I have listed our parking lot procedures and map for you to review and to easily share with anyone who is picking up or dropping off your child at school. I would recommend that when you set the arrangements up that you provide this information.

Parking Lot Procedures:

· Give yourself some time before school so that you are not in a rush

· Park in designated parking spots if you are walking your child to the door to say good bye

· Come to a complete stop at the stop signs

· Follow all traffic signs and markers

· Watch carefully for pedestrians

· Drive slowly and be patient

· Have your child ready to exit the vehicle as soon as you enter the parking lot

· Stay off your phone and be present with your child

· Be respectful to our parking lot volunteers

· Turn your car off if you are waiting -- we are an “idle free” school

Here is a map of you to share as well:

Please remember there is no supervision until 8:10 a.m. NO CHILD SHOULD BE DROPPED OFF BEFORE 8:10 a.m. unless they are accompanied by an adult. If you need to bring your child to school earlier than that please use our Latch Key (day care service). If a student is not accompanied by an adult before 8:10 a.m., they will be sent to Latch Key and you will be charged for the service. For more information on Latch Key please visit:

Parking Lot Committee

I am looking to put together a Parking Lot Committee. The purpose of the committee is to review current parking lot procedures, be a forum to address parking lot concerns and to help volunteer in the parking lot (if available.) I would like to hold these meetings at 6:00 p.m. right before our monthly PTA meetings. All PTA meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month. If you are interested in joining the Parking Lot Committee, please contact me at

Communication With Teacher During The School Day

Communication between parents and teachers is very important. Emails are most likely to be read first thing in the morning. However, using the planner and homework folder/bag is the best way to make sure your teacher receives your messages in a timely fashion. If your child needs to leave school early, please send a written note in his/her folder or planner so teachers can easily see it and make appropriate accommodations to help make a smooth transition. The office will call your student down when you arrive.

***Lunch Monitors Needed***

Contact the main office (248-542-6500) if you are interested in becoming a Lunch Monitor and spending time with our kids at lunch and lunch recess, an important part of their day! This is a paid position.

Learning in Action

BIG THANK YOU TO MRS. HOLDEN!!! For decorating our bulletin boards. You truly are so creative!

Unplugged Week – January 26th through January 30th

Unplugged Week is fast approaching. For one week, Keller families are encouraged to go “unplugged” by omitting recreational TV, video games and computer use. Look for information to be sent home soon detailing the fun “unplugged” activities we’ve planned as options for each night. Save the evenings of January 26th through January 30th for Unplugged Week events.


Positive Behavior Intervention System

Essential Agreements

*We are respectful

*We are safe and in control

*We are responsible learners

Keller Creed

I will act in such a way that I will be proud of myself and others will be proud of me too.

I came to school to learn and I will learn.

I will have a good day.

Learner Profile Highlights

Don’t forget that the highlighted monthly learner profile and weekly behavior focus is on the Google calendar (every Sunday).

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