Raiders write

By Jada & Ignacio

Turkey Time

Time for turkeys to go in hiding. Thanksgiving is finally here. The pilgrims started this party but we will always finish it. The time to be grateful and forgiving. First celebrated at Plymouth plantation in 1621. Used to celebrate the first good harvest of their first autumn. Celebrating with e natives. The help from the natives helped them to have a plentiful feast.

Different people celebrate different ways. Need ideas well you’re in luck. One of the more popular traditions is to stuff a turkey. Another is the wish bone of a turkey, close your eyes and make a wish. But my second favorite is thanksgiving parades. One of which happens every year is the Macy’s one that is always broadcasted on TV. Most guys will probably tell you this is their favorite part of thanksgiving. Guess what it is. If you thought football then you are correct. Yep most rivalries choose this day to play.

Now those are not the only traditions that you could use. If you want to be unique then by all means try having a turkey’s day awards. Not to mention you could always be creative and make a thankful tree. All you do draw a tree and get a piece of paper and write what you’re thankful for. Your kids bored then here’s what you do. A thanks giving countdown. 30 days of revealing a different activity each day. But lastly is your family competitive? If yes then this is the activity for you. If no then it’s still the activity for you. Turkey trivia, filled with educational information and fun facts. High spirited, memory building moments. What kind of thanksgiving do you want to have.

Andrews band win state championship

T.W Andrews High School Band won states on Nov 1, 2014 against all 2A schools here in North Carolina.

On Nov 1, 2014 Andrews Red Raiders band competed for the 2A State Band championship against all the 2A bands in Durham, North Carolina at the Memorial Stadium. The Andrews marching band hasn’t went to these competitions since 2011. Now in 2014, they won the 2A high school band state championship in Durham.

Bianca Crawford states that “After the competition it was great since we never got to go to these types of competitions since 2011”.

Jacob Dent states that “we have a chance to win nationals because we are going to change our field show to make it a bigger and better chance winning nationals my sophomore year”.

This year the band has accomplished many of their goals they always wanted to accomplish so they could be able to win the State championship and also to be able to compete for nationals and win.

AVID door competition

On November the third, the Andrews staff concluded the AVID College Door competition, during the staff meeting to raise awareness of colleges and their requirements.

Some of the honorable mentions include, Windbush, Murray, Bawlson, Mabry, and Shearin. I received a interview from one of our honorable mentions, Ms. Windbush. “College is my thing! I really want everyone to go to college. My door has a concept and I liked the colors.” says Windbush, when asked did you like the college you choose, and why did you like this competition. Some of the requirements that the staff members had to follow for each door were the following; the mascot, school colors, GPA/SAT/ACT requirements, majors that colleges offers, and the athletics, clubs, and specialties. If the doors did not met these requirements then they were not able to win! The Staff were given colleges at random, by choosing out of a container. Each staff member was required to do a college door.

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