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Fair Use Copyright Clause -- Can I copy or not?

Many times I am asked, "If I am using it in my classroom, can I copy it?" Many times my colleagues will hide what they are copying as they are unsure if they are violating copyright law.

Why is it important to know? My personal opinion is that as educators who remind students to take pride in their work, own their work and to not plagiarize, we must do the same. Educators must follow the same rules, knowing that there are allowances for nonprofit, educational copying. The checklist below provides four valuable questions to ask yourself about what you are copying.

Citation for scanned image: Fischer, Audrey, ed. "How do I? Applying the "Fair Use" Copyright Clause in the Classroom." Library of Congress Magazine 2.5 (2013): 22+. Print.
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2015 Best Books

It's that time of year when award winners for 2015 are going to be announced. GoodReads had it's readers vote; you can find the listing of Best Books online. The photo below shows the books selected for young adult and younger.

The Buckeye Children's & Tean Award is selected by Ohio's students in K-12. Sisters was the winner for grades 6-8. Find out more here!

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November 13 - December 4, 2015 (3 weeks due to holiday break)

West circulation statistics: 839

East circulation statistics: 815

East Materials Hold: 22

West Materials Hold: 13

West Class Visits: 4.5

East Class Visits: 6

Please note school was closed for three days.

East days open to study hall: 7.5

West days open to study hall: 6

School Year Circulation Stats (Beginning August 13, 2015)

West: 5886

East: 6398

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