cHiLd AnD aDoLeScEnT pSyChoLogIsT

'You can THROW stones, TRIP OVER them or BUILD with them.'

A specialist child and adolescent psychologist, Hazel aims to empower children and young adults to find the solutions they need to navigate, avoid or overcome the inevitable bumps in the road we all face. Using strengths based, empirically evidenced models and therapies catering for individual client needs, she works closely with clients to develop skills, understanding and resilience that enables them to probelm solve more independently and cope with life's challenges.


Passionate about Child Welfare and Adolescent Mental Health

Hazel has over 15 years experience working in private practice and schools as both school psychologist and teacher. Children find her sessions fun, adolescents and parents describe her as someone who understands their perspective and challenges. Her approach is always practical and solution focused. Hazel also works with schools to develop programs suited to the needs of students, parents and staff in the areas of child and adolescent mental health.