Texas Hoot n' Nanny

Instructions Guide


Welcome to Texas Trivia, a fun, but challenging way to test your knowledge about Texas. This is a great way to study for a test. The purpose of the game is to be first to the finish line with the most points. First, you need to select your game pieces and collect all of your needed materials and items for the game. You need,
  • Dice
  • Flash Cards
  • Stopwatch (optional)
  • Game Pieces
  • Game board

Beginning The Game

The first person rolls the dice and what ever card you land on is the color card you pick up. On the card in the top right corner there will be a number. This will tell you how much that question was worth and how many points you receive.

Checking your Answers.

The game includes a set of cards that have the answers to the problems. The card shows the number question it is the answer to the problem.