Rational and Irrational Numbers

And How to Recognize Them

Recognizing Rational and Irrational Numbers

  1. Please watch the video on recognizing rational and irrational numbers.
  2. Next complete the activity on Khan Academy.
  3. Design 3 "Rational or Irrational" questions for an activity in class tomorrow. Remember the characteristics from the video! Add them to the Popplet.
  4. Think about words and phrases that describe Rational and Irrational Numbers for tomorrow's class and view the Additional Resource as needed.
  5. Complete the poll.

1. Watch the Video

Recognizing rational and irrational numbers (examples) | Algebra I | Khan Academy

2. Rational and Irrational Number Activity

3. Add Problems to the Popplet

5. Complete the Poll

Tomorrow's Flip

We will be completing a Chalk Talk Using the Terms "Rational Numbers" and "Irrational Numbers". We will also be completing the activities you created by creating and submitting your questions for practice via assessment by using "Kahoot". BYOD or grab an iPad when you come in the door for class to save time.