The Magician's Nephew

By C.S. Lewis

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The Magician's Nephew is the first book in The Chronicles of Narnia series. In the book, Digory and Polly, two British children, get tricked by Digory's Uncle Andrew. Uncle Andrew is a magician, not by blood. Uncle Andrew tricks Polly into grabbing one of the magical rings on his desk. This sends Polly into "the inbetween place", or the Wood. This forces Digory to go after her. In the Wood, they find many puddles and decide to go exploring. The first place they go is Charn, a world destroyed by Queen Jadis. After Digory's impulsive decision to ring the bell, Queen Jadis awoke. Jadis then went back to London with the children. There, Jadis terrorized the city. The children touched Jadis at the same time they touched their rings again to get her back to the Wood. Once in the Wood, they realized there was Digory, Polly, Jadis, Uncle Andrew, the cab driver, and Strawberry, the horse. The group then went into a different puddle, but this one was completely black. Then, everyone heard a tune. It was melodious to everyone except the Witch Jadis and Uncle Andrew.
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My Opinion

I am on page 121 of 219. I would give it a rating of four stars. This is a book that keeps you wanting to keep turning the pages. I would have given this five stars if there was a little more detail. Also, this isn't a book that everyone would want to read.

This Unit

In the book, it is now Digory and Polly's obligation to kill Jadis. Jadis and Uncle Andrew go against the social norms by being magicians. Uncle Andrew abused his authority by making Polly and Digory go on the journey and test his philosophy. When Jadis is in London, she goes against the ethics and morals of the city and it's people by attacking everyone. The values of everyone will soon be tested in the climax.