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The colon is a part of digestive system that connects the stomach and small intestine towards anus. Its dimensions are approximately 5 feet in total. Its primary function may be the absorption water and storage of undigested food, before it's eliminated. Colonoscopy is undoubtedly an examination of this organ known as colon.

Indications to have colonoscopy are manifold. Often patients undergo colonoscopy to detect the foundation of internal bleeding from your gastrointestinal tract. Common reasons behind bleeding might include stomach ulcer, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids, perhaps even cancer from the gastrointestinal tract. Other indications for having colonoscopy include change in bowel habits, which include chronic diarrhea or constipation. Some undergo colonoscopy for the evaluation of chronic abdominal pain, often regarded as associated with irritable bowel syndrome. The most prevalent indication for colonoscopy, however, should be to diagnose and screen for cancer of the colon, one of the more common cancer affecting Americans today. It is in actual fact the most frequent explanation for cancer-related death among non-smokers. Research has established that timely colonoscopic examination can, in actual fact, cut growth of colon cancer.

To experience a satisfactory and accurate examination, it's fundamental absolutely and meticulously eradicate the bowel from a waste material, before undergoing colonoscopy. To thoroughly cleanse the colon, no solid food need to be ingested the day prior to examination. What's more, special laxatives which includes Golytely and Dulcolax has to be taken, fully wash away any feces. On the day of examination, an enema may be needed minimize the stress clear up the bowel.

Colonoscopy examination itself lasts about Half-hour with an hour. For patient comfort, sedatives are administered over the examination. During the evaluation, a sampling within the tissue may well be taken if an abnormality is suspect, for instance inflammation or even just colon cancer. Often, we see a minute rise in the colon, called colonic polyp. Many colonic polyps are viewed as to eventually grow and turn cancerous. Therefore, most colonic polyps, when detected, are going to be removed all through the examination.

Colonoscopy is actually a relatively safe procedure. Playing with uncommon cases, bleeding or tear may develop, however developments is usually readily handled from your physician.

Summing up, colonoscopy is definitely an accurate, safe and effective diagnostic test that is very useful inside evaluation of colonic disorder. It's a test that's typically employed in the evaluation of lower intestinal disorder and screening for cancer of the colon.

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