October 12, 2017

Vanguard Activity Points

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October School Team Meetings

Local School Vanguard/Vanchise Meeting. Every Team member present should complete this form. Complete this form foo Aug, Sept & Oct. Use the date of the meeting. After this month there will be no back logging.

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Vanguard Activity Points

Thank you for your patience with the Activity Points and their tabulation. As we've been sure to state many times, this is new to us and we are continuing to work on some of the kinks. Here are a few things to note:

  • It is ESSENTIAL that you enter your FULTON ID NAME, NOT ID NUMBER on every form. If you enter the number, it WILL NOT auto-tabulate. We have had to correct many of them by hand and will not continue to make those corrections throughout the year.
  • Some individuals are missing points for monthly meetings and independent activities due to a hiccup with the formula calculations on our end. We are working to get it corrected ASAP.
  • LIVE events have LIVE links. PLEASE try to make sure and be ready for the link when it comes out, especially with Twitter. It is time-consuming to go back and make adjustments for each person and missed link.


We're getting down to the last few notifications for GaETC registration!! You have until OCTOBER 13th if you plan on having Vanguard cover your registration and substitute.

Here are some things to note:

  • Full registration directions can be found on this VanWeekly.
  • You CAN NOT transfer your Vanguard registration to another person.
  • Vanguard will pay for your substitute if your position is a sub-eligible position. The payment cannot take place until after the absence has occurred. Chris Olateru will communicate all of the necessary information with your school's bookkeeper.
  • You do not have to attend every day, however, subs will be covered only for the days you attend.
  • Your principal is permitted to prevent you from going (though I hope that does not occur.)
  • Those who are accepted into Vanguard after the upcoming interviews will get a chance to register for GaETC as soon as they've been added to the team.
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GaETC Presentations

If you are presenting at GaETC, please complete this form with your presentation information. Your name and email will be automatically collected.

GaETC Presentations

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EdCamp Fulton: October 21


Our first EdCamp Fulton of the school year is on Saturday, October 21st. It'll take place at Autrey Mill from 8:45am-12:00pm. Vanguard members who attend will receive 15 Activity Points.

This is an event open to anyone - Vanguard, non-Vanguard, Fulton teachers, non-Fulton teachers - ANYONE who wants to learn a bit more about EdTech!

Learn more about an EdCamp and RSVP to attend on October 21.

*Future EdCamp Fulton events will take place at different locations within Fulton. Save the Dates Feb 24 & Mar 24.

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Nearpod - District Account

A few Nearpod tidbits for everyone!

  • All Vanguard members have an upgraded account. This allows you to have all items in the Nearpod Store for FREE. If you go into your Nearpod store and do not have all items free, please send Heather an email.
  • New Vanguard members have been added to the account. If it did not appear in your inbox, please check your Clutter folder for more information.
  • We now have access to the beta test of Sub Plans for Nearpod. You'll find the link in the top right corner of your screen, once logged in. Play around with it and try setting things up. We'd LOVE to have people use it at least one day that you're out for GaETC.

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GaETC Innovation Grant Winners

Huge congrats to Westlake HS Vanguardians, Dr. Valerie Bennett and Jessie Downs, who were recently selected as winners of a GaETC Innovation Grant!! Educators throughout Georgia apply for this grant and we are thrilled (and not surprised) that members of our Vanguard team would be awarded this honor!


Grant Title: Invasion of the Drones

Students will use digital cameras & computer applications to build technology and literacy, (communication), skills. Students will learn the power of visual communication by studying photographers such as Lewis Hine and Dorothea Lange as they strengthen their ELA skills via a "Flipped" classroom.

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District Training

MS & HS Edgenuity Training

Do you have teachers that would be interested in Edgenuity training? There are scheduled sessions for the end of this month and they are listed in Edivate for registration (Instructional Technology catalog). Please ask teachers to register by Friday, October 20. There are introductory and advanced level sessions.

Introduction to Edgenuity 10/25/17 South Learning 8:00-11:00 am

Effective Blended Learning with Edgenuity 10/25/17 South Learning 12:30-3:30 pm

Introduction to Edgenuity 10/27/17 North Learning 8:00- 11:00 am

Effective Blended Learning with Edgenuity 10/27/17 North Learning 12:30-3:30 pm

For additional questions, please contact Mindy Ramon.

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Communication & Collaboration

#FCSVanguard Chat

October 19th Topic: Digital Citizenship for the Educator

Hosted By: Darren Clay @DarrenClayEDU

Remember, all of your tweets need to contain: #fcsvanguard

This year twitter chats will be twice a month on Thursday at 7:30PM.

1st Semester: Oct 5 &19, Nov 2 & 16, Dec 7

Apple Avalon Teacher ONLY Field Trip

Join Us as Apple Avalon hosts a teacher-only field trip, CLIPS Style. Check out Clips at

Come learn how to weave a visual take that embodies your passion to empower and inspire young minds.

Sign up HERE
  • Only 30 slots
  • open to any educator


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TIM System Updates

If adjustments need to be made to your TIM school list, please enter that information here.

FCS Vanguard Team

Our mission as a Vanguard team is to build the capacity of FCS educators and leaders to personalize learning through coaching and instructional technology.