Why Was Flappy Bird So Popular?


It might be popular, because because it was very addicting, simple and extremely challenging.

My Research

Flappy Bird was released on May 24, 2014. It`s original purpose was a bird in a platform game. Flappy Bird was so challenging, because the creator of the game didn't have time to update it so he made it very challenging and impossible to beat. For a few weeks Flappy bird was the #1 game on the App store and the android store. Though this made the creator very rich he took it off the game stores and said he took it off, because he didn't like the fame he was getting and that it was ruining his life. He thought the only solution was to remove it.


Flappy bird was so addicting, because it was the creator's intent. His intent was to make unbeatable, because he didn't have time for updates and he had a normal job. Then he got addicted and said "it was ruining his life" thats what made him remove it.