Ernest Hemingway

Annie Taylor

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Ernest stole a urinal from his favorite bar. He felt he had wasted enough money on the alcohol and used the urinal enough that is should be his. He ended up sticking the urinal in his house.


Some of Ernest's food recipes ended up being displayed in his museum in Cuba, such as his hamburger recipe.


By the time he was 62, he had married four times and divorced three times.


An Irish novelist, James Joyce and Ernest were drinking buddies in Paris. James would normally pick fights, hide, then call for Ernest to beat the person up.


Ernest used to machine gun sharks to keep them from eating his catch.


In 1938 he set the world record by catching 7 marlins in one day.


Ernest survived through two airplane crashes.


As a child, Ernest was dressed as a girl, matching his sister so that his mom could fulfill her dream of wanting twin girls.


Ernest underwent shock therapy to treat his bi-polar disorder. The treatment made him lose his memory which made it difficult for him to write stories. This is what sparked the desire within him to commit suicide.


Orson Welles, an American actor, and Ernest became good friends after they had a fist fight with each other in a theatre.


Ernest's wife, Hadley Richardson, got her suitcase stolen that had all of his early literary works in it.


Ernest's father wanted him to become a doctor, but he refused and began working for a newspaper instead.


He hunted U-Boats for the Hooligan Navy


Ernest believed he was under government surveillance, which turned out being true.
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