Kevin Systrom

By: Easton Harmsen

Product Invented

Kevin Systrom is the founder of Instagram

Personal Background

  • Born December 30, 1983 in Holliston, Massachusetts.
  • Currently in a relationship with Nicole Schuetz.

Educational Background

Business Background


Was employed by Google for two years.


Systrom Then went on to form a new venture caled 'Nextstop'.


Systrom went on to form Burbn which was eventually bought by Facebook.
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  • Systrom started a social media application Called 'Instagram'
  • Had over one million users in the first month of use
  • Was bought by Facebook for $1 Billion
  • Still able to make decisions in company's future
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Success along the way

  • Nextstop
  • Burbn
  • Instgram

Entrepreneurial Traits

  • Innovative
  • Visionary
  • Consumer Friendly
  • Adaptable

Social Responsiblity

Instagram advertises many charities and nonprofit organizations through their social media app such as:

  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Pencils of Promise
  • National Wildlife Foundation

Jobs Created

  • 13

Business Sales Revenue (2013-2014)

  • 2.8 Billion