Charles Babbage

Famous Inventor

Charles Babbage?

Have you ever been stuck on a complicated math problem? Well, lucky for you, you have computers and as we know today, calculators. You can thank the famous Charles Babbage for those advantages.


Charles Babbage surprisingly went to a public college. The name of the college is, Trinity College. Located in the United Kingdom. He was a polymath and became a mathematician, mechanical engineer, inventor, and philosopher. He had a lot of contributions to different scientific fields but his most famous work was probably the programmable computing device. He also has other inventions.


How His Inventions Affected The World

The world would have never been the same if Charles Babbage didn't invent the computer or the calculator. Imagine not having laptops, or calculators. You wouldn't even see this right now. Technology would be at a lower proficiently level. I feel that, the first computer jump-started all technology.


Finally, I feel that technology has changed in many ways. If Charles Babbage didn't invent the computer and calculator the world would not be the same. Lastly, Charles Babbage had a great education and inventions.