Making a Difference

Carmel Creek January 30, 2016

Thanks to teachers and staff for supporting our Great Kindness Challenge.

Marissa, we appreciate your efforts to make your first Great Kindness Challenge week a success. The kids crafts, notes, activities and daily quotes were wonderful.

Thanks teachers for your creativity, participation and overall support for the Fun Run event!!!!

Thanks to all who wore the PAWS costume

Laurie Narmore
Marissa Morin
Mrs. Kimmich
Mrs. Nordgaard

A great BIG thanks to our DJ and Announcer, Mrs. Dickerhoof.

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Special Thanks to our Foundation Leadership and all of our room parents.

Thanks Roy for the clean up and set up efforts.

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Thanks Mashell and Margaret for your support always.

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It was a great event! You all made it remarkable.

Can't wait for our February month of Technology EdCamp staff meetings. Thanks Mrs. Lothspeich for guiding us.

SBSD twitter chat

Thanks to all who observed and for our number one participant, Ms. Tiffany. It was a great dialogue between teachers, administrators, TOSA's and visiting colleagues.

Thanks Angie, Kelsey and Lisa O for setting this opportunity up.

If anyone wants to revisit the chat go to

From Kevin Honeycutt's twitter

An interesting idea! If you can bypass the restricted filter or maybe even go to the twitter account and scroll until you see the "Black Widow Learning Challenge" (you don't have to have a twitter account, you can google). It is an interesting idea. The black widow subject can be replaced with whatever non fiction topic is grade level appropriate. Neat writing lesson or even a speaking and listening task.

Welcome Laura Loye!

Laura is our new instructional SDC aide. She will start on Feb. 8. Laura is transferring from Solana Pacific, where she worked in the Learning Center. Laura has served with SBSD for 10 years and her children went to Solana Highlands.

We will miss you Summer.

We extend our well wishes to Summer and her family. We are so excited for baby Benson!
Official welcome to Stephanie Hecht. Stephanie has been so giving of her time to make this transition as smooth as possible.
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