#michED 12/17/14: Open Mic Night

Join the Anti-Rant shenanigans

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#michED Chat

Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 8-9pm

This is an online event.

Be prepared to get creative, give others shout-outs, and just generally have a good time as we celebrate the holidays with our school communities and learning networks.

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Craft your answers to these nauseously tongue-in-cheek questions

Rant about something you are terribly HAPPY about from your school community this year.

Droll about how being connected has made your job horrendously EASIER

Complain about an educator in your district or PLN who has unintentionally made you feel GREAT.

Vociferate about how dreadfully ADMIRABLE it was when a student said ______

Unleash a tongue-lashing about a disgustingly WORTHWHILE professional development experience you’ve had recently.

Go on a tirade about how awfully HOPEFUL you are about the future of education in Michigan.

All in good fun

Some things to consider

  • Keep it fun, positive and funny
  • If you're not sure others will get the joke, you might re-think it

Score bonus points!

ok, there really aren't any points, BUT..

  • Be original
  • Use images and graphics to illustrate your point (aka a Meme)

Participate in the live Twitter chat

The #michED network is a grassroots community of individual educators who believe in and act on positive contributions and connections.

The community brings together educators, students and public stakeholders for dialogue and collaboration around issues and topics that impact classroom learning and school communities.

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