Northern America

Where Do You Want To Live?

Facts about New Hampshire

New Hampshire citizens have taxes but in those do not include general sales tax or income tax but as a result the property tax is higher than other places. In New Hampshire the economy is good due the low unemployment rate which is 5%.The academic system in New Hampshire is well off though coming in third in the entire country for testing. Crime in New Hampshire compared to the national average is low on the scale at 1.88%. The racial makeup of new Hampshire with white people at - 92.3%, African American - 0.01%, Hispanic - 2.8%. The religion rates are 24% of those who practice are Christian and 1.61% are Baptist. The climate is changeable with big variations. Some cultural in the state are hiking mount Mona drack and see the lupines bloom. Recreation activities would be camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, skiing, and golf. The median property rate in New Hampshire is $207,300. Also the most liked sports are basket ball, football and baseball.

Facts about Detroit Michigan

Unlike New Hampshire Detroit has all of the taxes we have also including income and general sales tax. In Detroit the economy isn't doing so well companies and businesses file for bankruptcy every day. Not to mention the crime rate which is at 21.23% when the the whole countries is 3.9%. Schools in Detroit do well when it comes to sports but not in academics. Although the culture is good with parades and musicals, recreational activities include Day of the Dead and the Detroit fireworks. The unemployment rate is 17.7%. Some religions practiced there would be Baptist, Islam, and Jewish. The racial make up has the highest percentage of African Americans with whites in at a low second. The median property value would be $41,100. The climate is average with annual rain fall. Most popular sports are baseball, football, and ice hockey.

Facts about Montreal

In Montreal the taxes are relatively the same as in new Hampshire. The economy is good in all the round about ways. Although the crime rate is higher than New Hampshire. Montreal has the highest percentage of students going to secondary schools in the entire region. Culture in Montreal Has many festivities like the 32th festival international du Film sur l'Art along with recreations like trces places and memories. Some religions would be Christianity, non-religious, and islam. The unemployment rate is 7% and the median property values would be C$391,820.The racial makeup cosistes of African American, Arab, and Latin American. The climate WOuld be in the colder months 10-25 degrees and in the summer months in would be 65-85 degrees. Sports played there would be ice hockey and football.

Where I would go.

I will stay in New Hampshire because of many reasons listed above but a few of the most major ones would be the low unemployment rate and the low crime rate. ANother would be the economy, schools and taxes.