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WCH Upcoming Events

01/31/2017 – Deadline for turning in to WCH Counselor Middle School Choice Sheets

02/01 – 02/04/17 – LTHS Production of The Little Mermaid 7 pm

02/02/2017 – Kindergarten 100th Day of School Celebration

02/02/2017 – 5th Grade Musical – WCH Tiger’s Den 6 pm

02/03/2017 – 5th Grade Celebrates 101st Day of School

02/06/2017 – H.E.R.O Week begins

02/08/2017 – PTO General Meeting -- WCH Tiger’s Den 9 – 10 am

02/08/2017 – WCH Chick-fil-A Spirit Night 4 – 10 pm

02/10/2017 – Valentine Parties (RSVP to WCHReceptionist@ltisdschools.org)

02/10/2017 – Students wear superhero costumes for H.E.R.O. assembly @ 7:35 am

02/13/2017 – Student Council Meeting 2:50 pm

02/16/2017 – Student holiday (staff training)

02/17/2017 – Student holiday (staff training)

02/20/2017 – School holiday (bad weather makeup day)

02/22/2017 – Kindergarten Field Trip (Volunteers RSVP to WCHReceptionist@ltisdschools.org)

02/23/2017 – Spring student photos

02/24/2017 – Cupcake Friday and Staff Appreciation Day

02/27/2017 – Student Council Meeting 2:50 pm

03/02/2017 – 4th Grade Texas Day Program – WCH Tiger’s Den 8:45 am (RSVP to WCHReceptionist@ltisdschools.org)

03/03/2017 – 3rd Annual WCH Family Fun Night 5 – 7 pm

HEB's Excellence in Education Award

Lake Travis ISD has been selected as one of three statewide finalists in the ‘Small District Award’ category as part of HEB’s 2017 Excellence in Education Awards program!

HEB launched the Excellence in Education Awards program in cooperation with the Texas Association of School Administrators in 2002 as a way to support public education in Texas. According to HEB, the awards program has become the largest monetary initiative for educators in the state, spotlighting best practices and celebrating the passion and creativity of Texas educators. Each year HEB recognizes teachers, principals, school districts, school boards, and early childhood centers who go the extra mile each and every day to serve their students and their communities.

Specifically, the District Award recognizes school districts for 1) a commitment to student achievement through innovative programs; 2) parent/community involvement; and professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators. The two other finalists in the ‘Small District Award’ category are Alamo Heights ISD (San Antonio) and Hutto ISD. The winner will be announced at the HEB Excellence in Education Awards ceremony on May 7.

This is exciting news for Lake Travis ISD!

PTO Highlights and Important Dates

General PTO Meeting - Wednesday, February 8 from 9 to 10 am - WCH Cafeteria

Come out and learn about a new Book Club that is being facilitated by our own fantastic WCH Counselor JoAnn Bryan! Be the first to hear all of the details, and she will share with us at this meeting the first book that will be discussed. Don't miss out on this great opportunity!

Nominations for PTO Board positions for 2017/2018 will be rolled out. Come and hear about the open board positions! It is a great way to get involved and meet new people at WCH.

Save the Date -

3rd Annual WCH Family Fun Night - March 3rd 5-7 at WCH

Bounce Houses, Face Painters, Photo Booth, Games, DJ, Prizes, Food Trucks, and a lot more.....

VOTM...Sarah Looper!

West Cypress Hills is very fortunate to have fabulous volunteers. Our volunteers spend many hours working to raise funds for our school, they sponsor special student activities, and, in general, make West Cypress a great place to be. Thus far this school year, our West Cypress volunteers have logged in over 8,200 hours in service to our school.

In appreciation for their service to our school, West Cypress staff members nominate volunteers to be recognized as our “Volunteer of the Month.” Our WCH Volunteer of the Month for February is Sarah Looper. Congratulations, Sarah, and many thanks!

Prior recipients of WCH Volunteer of the Month Award:

· August – Suzanne Kelbaugh

· September – Jessica Walker

· October – Dandi Holec

· November – Evelyn Nelson

· December – Sara Korzen

· January – Cynthia Roten

When to keep your child home from school

· Please keep your child home from school if any of these factors exist:

o Temperature above 100 degrees F

o Vomiting or diarrhea

o Eye redness and/or drainage

o Undiagnosed rash anywhere on the body

o Severe sore throat or headache

o Persistent untreated cough

o Head lice that has not been treated

It is important to remember that schools are required to exclude students with certain illnesses from school for periods of time as identified in state rules.

For example, if your child has a fever over 100 degrees, he or she must stay out of school until fever free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medications. In addition, students with vomiting or diarrheal illnesses must stay home until they no longer are vomiting or have diarrhea (without the use of medications) for at least 24 hours.

Students with bacterial pink-eye must be treated with antibiotics for 24 hours before returning to school. Consult with your physician for information about how long to keep students home from school for other illnesses.

If your child is diagnosed with a communicable illness such as flu, strep throat, pink-eye, chicken pox, staph/MRSA infection, any reportable illness, or any vaccine-preventable illness, please let your school nurse know.

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Chick-fil-A Spirit Night next week!

Go Tigers!!! Eat more chicken!!! WCH’s next Chick-fil-A Spirit Night is Wednesday, February 8, from 4 – 10 pm. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a fun family dinner while also supporting your school. Chick-fil-A gift cards also are available and always make a great gift for friends and family. Be sure to put your receipt in the WCH box. If going through the drive-through, be sure to tell them that you’re there for the WCH Tigers.

WCHE Be A Hero Week

Helping Everyone Respect Others

Our campus goal for HERO Week is for West Cypress Hills Elementary students and teachers to work together to increase awareness of our Anti-bullying Rules:

1. We will not bully others.

2. We will try to help students who are bullied.

3. We will try to include students who are left out.

4. If we know that somebody is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.

Each day, Monday – Thursday, we will focus on a different rule, culminating in a Friday anti-bullying presentation at the school assembly. EVERYONE IS ENCOURAGED TO DRESS LIKE A SUPERHERO ON FRIDAY, February 10!

Family Activity (**OPTIONAL Activity Due Thursday, February 9. See #3 below for details. **)

1. Share with your child(ren) a story from your own life about a time when you were bullied or when you acted as the HERO for someone else who was experiencing bullying. Ask your child(ren) to share a story of their own.

2. Here are questions you and your child(ren) can discuss:

· How can we help students who are bullied?

· Do you use your words?

· Are they peaceful words or hurtful words?

· Do you stand up to a bully by acting like a bully?

· What is the BEST way to stand up for someone being bullied?

3. **Optional**: Ask your child(ren) to choose one of the Superpower Pillars from the picture below and create a picture to illustrate what that pillar means. Please have your child(ren) turn in the picture to the teacher(s) by Thursday, February 9. The Pillars are Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.

Internet Resources for Bullying Prevention

· https://www.ltisdschools.org/Page/209

· http://www.violencepreventionworks.org/publicbullying_tips_for_parents.page

· http://www.stopbullying.gov/

· http://www.stopbullying.gov/prevention/training-center/hrsa_guide_parents-and-caregivers_508v2.pdf

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Classroom Valentine Parties

Classroom Valentine parties are Friday, February 10. Our party schedule is shown below. If you plan to attend, please send an RSVP to WCHReceptionist@ltisdschools.org so that you won’t need to stand in line to obtain your security badge.

· Kindergarten….12:20 pm

· 1st Grade…………9:45 am

· 2nd Grade………..9:00 am

· 3rd Grade………..1:40 pm

· 4th Grade………..1:00 pm

· 5th Grade……….11:45 am

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E-Tuesday Folder from LTISD District

Click here for more information on upcoming district events.