Fall 2015 Pre-Registration

Advising begins the Week of March 30th

Important Dates

Reminders and general instructions:

We are entering the advising/preregistration period for Fall 2015! Click here for general information from the Registrar.

Honors Courses

The list of Fall 2015 Honors courses is now available on the honors blog.

Please check back for updates as the list is subject to change.

You can also check for honors sections on WebAdvisor.

We recommend “double dipping” when possible; in other words, choosing honors courses that also fulfill a major, minor, or LASC requirement.

When to Register for Honors Courses...

It’s important that you register for your honors courses during major/minor registration week. This is a nice advantage for honors students! We will be watching the reserved honors seats closely and will “release” many unclaimed honors seats to the rest of the student body during general registration week.

Advising Appointments

Please be sure to make an appointment with your major advisor; your major advisor will be the one to sign your registration form.

If needed, the honors directors (Dr. Weierman and Dr. Hood-DeGrenier) are also available to consult with you about honors requirements by appointment (sign up using Starfish); please note that an honors appointment is not required.

Once you have an advisor’s signature, please bring your form to the department secretary, who will activate your eligibility so that you will be able to register during your allotted time.

Please note that Dr. Weierman can serve as the major advisor for honors English majors, and Dr. Hood-DeGrenier can serve as the major advisor for honors Biology majors. Both professors can also advise any undeclared honors students.

The Honors Section is closed? Let Us Know!

Please let us know if you are interested in an honors section that has closed: register for a regular seat in the course, and we will ask the professor if we might “convert” it to honors (this is at the instructor’s discretion).

World Language Courses

Remember that any world language course can be an honors course: simply register for the regular section, ask the professor, and then send us your request with all the course information and your ID number.

Sneak Preview: Spring 2016

The Honors Program is excited to announce three new Honors courses for Spring 2016. Please keep them in mind as you plan your Fall 2015 schedules:

Second Year Seminar: President’s Honors Panel (Conroy)


A problem-based learning course in which the students will produce a report in response to a research question set by President Maloney. The general theme is "Worcester as college town/WSU in Worcester."

Second Year Seminar: “We the People" (Haller)


A special topics course that will provide historical perspectives on current issues, focusing upon the state and federal constitutions as living documents. This course will draw upon the law and society intellectual movement to provide students with the tools to understand the ways that laws reflect, limit, and shape society.

"Reel American History" Learning Community (Hangen and Weierman)

The Reel American History LC will investigate the history that movies make and the implications for our civic life. Students will enroll in two courses:

HI 112: U.S. History II (USW, CON)

EN 190: ST--Historical Memory in Fiction and Film (TLC, CA, WAC)

Contact Us

Commonwealth Honors Program at Worcester State University

Dr. Karen Woods Weierman, Director
Dr. Jennifer Hood-DeGrenier, Assistant Director
Mary Flibbert, Honors Assistant
Beth Powis, Graduate Assistant