Campus Safety in U.S. Colleges

Do students get the safety that they want?

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Safety of students should be the number one concern.

What makes safety so important?

Safety should be a primary concern when looking into a college. In these current times there has been incidents where there is concern on how students safety is. In an ABC news article it quotes, "College campuses are not oases where students are protected from all harm," said Jonathan Kassa, executive director of Security on Campus, a college security watchdog group.

What do people feel?

Based on a recent survey 50 % people never noticed a presence of security in their school. Sometimes they felt that security did their job and would like more it to be more of a presence in their school. This is from current students who are currently in schools.
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Reminder on what should you look for when it comes to college safety

"Students felt safest at colleges where alcohol was less important to the social life on campus." says Students should not focus on what they think is the best party school and which one is the best social school. Students should focus on looking on the academics in the school. Something that can make the students feel the safest so that students can move forward in their academics.

What should be done?

What has changed?

Case students say the school has done a couple things to help them feel safe. They report improved lighting, more patrols and even a shuttle system for students after dark based off Which is giving students more safety than before, now what we can look into is choosing the right school that has some safety up there compared to other schools.