Malaysian Food


We will make Malaysian food in Gaigosai. The name of our shop is "SEDAP×SEDAP". "Sedap" means "delicious" in Malaysian. We will serve six kinds of food.

Nasi goreng(400yen/prepaid ticket 350yen)

This is Malaysian fried rice with garlic, shrimp, kanikama, egg and cabbage. It 's seasoned with sweet chili sauce and soysauce. And shrimp rice cracker is on the top of the fried rice.

Cekodok pisang(200yen/pt 150yen)

This is deep-fried bnana ball. its outside is crisp and inside is elastic. It's a very popular sweet.

Sup jagung(200yen/pt150yen)

This is Malaysian corn soup with tapioca. It's seasoned with brown sugar and coconut milk, so slightly sweet.

Roti kaya(200yen)

This is bread with coconut jam. The jam is handmade. It will sell in the specified time.

Teh tarik(150yen)

This is Malaysian milk tea.

Jus mangga(150yen)

This is mango juice.

Please try to eat Malaysian foods:)


Wednesday, Nov. 20th, 10am

日本東京都府中市朝日町3−11−1 東京外国語大学

Fuchu, Tokyo

In front of the entrance to library.