Sierra Leone


Historical Background

Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa. In like most places this is one of many that slave trading occurred, Freetown was their capital. Their current population that was taken in 2013 is 6.092 million. Sierra Leone is guarded by Guine in the North, Liberia in the East, Atlantic ocean in the Southwest. In this place they speak many different languages, English, Mende, Temne, Krio (english based Creole) which was mostly spoken in Freetown.

Reasons to Live Or Visit

With President Koroma who is a Republican, they're a lot of place to see and visit in Sierra Leone. One of them is York. It's a village in the Krio village, mostly known for it's rich history. A place where free slaves settled down in a place a village called Momimi. In fact on the left side is the Martello Tower. It was built to defend Freetown when the British tried to colonize them although they were acquiensce about it they still build something because of the frequent attacks that occurred. It's said that Sierra Leone has holds rich minerals. Like diamonds, gold, bauxile, retile, iron ore. Having all this wealth to their name it created a good history. With this, the amazing landmarks are reasons why a nice visit or even live here would be good.

Roots of Imperialism

Sierra Leone was imperialized by the British. With all the slave trading and natural resources it was a target. Although it had its effects, the slaves had the right to become free and join the navy. Then they had passed a law in 1833. With this economy went low and the only thing that rose in the market was the palm oil. People in Sierra Leone didn't much to stop it just let it happened. Therefore there wasn't much activity or impacts to Sierra Leone.

Road To Independence

After more than 150 years under the British, in 1961 Sierra Leone finally got their independence. On April 27 1961 a person called Sir Milton Margai led Sierra Leone to independence. With that they fought 50 long years for it. Milton had also become the first prime minister. During this the Krios who had adopted the European life style and the countrymen had rising issues because they were trying to rebel against the British, which meant the political parties were becoming spiteful. This changed the political parties as becoming separated. Trying to recruit members he had already had some admiration of some. Sir Milton knew that by this the independence wouldn't happen right away but at least will give people a bit of control of their destiny. Dying at 1964 his brother Sir Albert Margai continued onto his dream. In 1971 the state was declared Republic.

More In Sierra Leone

National Anthem for Sierra Leone is High We Exalt Thee, Realm of the Free by Clifford Nelson Fyle. This was adopted in 1961. The foods in Sierra is interesting, for example one of them is Groundnut which can be found mostly anywhere. Peper soup that comes with hot chilli pepers, tomato to add taste, fried onion and garlic, usually served with fish or meat. Another one is Jollof rice which is , rice fried with beans, spicy onion based sauce. Finally their coat of arms that consists of two lions supporting a coconut tree and shield. Within the shield theres 3 torches that signify peace and dignity, another lion to represent the mountain lion. Sierra Leone like other places has been portrayed in several movies like "Cry Freetown" in 2000, "Sierra Leone's Refugee Allstars" 2005 and "Kamara's tree" 2013. Those movies where the most recent. Sierra Leone currently has money inflation. Due to the fact that 1 US dollar equals to 4,080 SLL