Andrew Jackson

Hero of the "Common Man"

Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson was responsible for the horrific trail of tears. the death of thousands of native Americans do to the resettlement of them onto reservations located in Oklahoma. many different tribes were involved in the forced movement such as the Cherokee the Muscogee, Seminole, Chickasaw and Choctaw. these were the native american tribes who were tortured in the quest to their "new land" out of the nearly 1600 Indians over 4000 perished. by the end of the decade very few natives remained anywhere in the southeaster united states, because of Jackson.

Andrew Jackson


while some think he was a great man and leader much evidence concludes that he did more good than bad in his terms and even after he retired with his 150 slaves and thousands of dollars, i guess that really shows how presidency can change you from a "common" man to somewhat of a king. he didn't listen to others ideas and didn't take advice well. even though he was not good at following direction he still led us to a victory in the war so some good did come out of his presidency. he did pay back his dues about becoming a "not so common man" he did earn much suffrage on many. and this proves our 7th president, Andrew Jackson was the most controversial leader so far.
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