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TEAM B ~ Six Week Reflections

Weeks One & Two

Week One: Individual Assignment

Let’s focus on learning theories!

“Learning is a complex process involving mental processes that are influenced by emotional and environment factors that can support or hinder learning. Learning theories have evolved that take into consideration these complex factors in an effort to explain how learning occurs” (Stravedes, 2011, pg. 34).

Review the following theories in Effective Online Teaching Ch 4:




This chapter discusses various learning theories, each taking a different approach to the way students may learn.

You may Create a game that incorporates the three learning theories in a way that will help students to learn them better. The game can be created by using any technological tools via technology resource library or by Power Point. The game should incorporate at least one of the following: sound effects, pictures, or video. The game should include not just components of theories but ways it can be beneficial to learning. Be creative and make it appealing to the eye.

Or Create a video presentation in which you discuss all learning theories, and in addition discuss which learning theory you may feel is most applicable for adult learners, justify your answer. Any technological tools from technology resource library may be used, be sure to discuss each of three theories and give clear insight to the components involved for each theory.

Week Two: Team Assignment

Let’s Team Up: Let’s Tackle Cultural Diversity Issues.

According to Haythornthwaite (2011, pg 191), “As discussed in previous chapters, distributions can be physical with remote learners embedded in their own local context and community with consequent distance in geography, time, setting, and, as we discuss in this chapter, culture”

Review Chapter 11 of E-Learning Theory and Practice that discusses cultural diversity in regards to e-learning

Team should create a fictional situation in which an issue of cultural diversity is presented in your e-learning course.

Team should then address the following:

--The presented cultural diversity issue and description of the type of e learning course

--The challenges

-- How to approach the issue

--What accommodations/adjustments take place

Present it in a fun format such as a Prezi, PowerPoint, Wiki or any fun technological tool from resource library.

Weeks Five & Six

Week 5 Individual Assignment: As you will read in chapter 11 of Effective Online Teaching (Stavredes, 2011) "Critical thinking includes being able to look at multiple perspectives, analyze similarities and differences in other people's thinking, and evaluate the relevance of perspective in the context of the information presented". You will go onto read about Elder & Paul's Intellectual Standard questions which include clarity, accuracy, and precision questions. These questions are effective methods to measure students' critical thinking and competency in assignments.

Assignment Directions: Choose and assignment you have completed for a previous class. Without using the professor's feedback, construct and compile a feedback report as if you were the professor grading your paper. Use Elder & Paul's Intellectual Standard questions in your analysis and critique. Include a copy of this feedback report along with a copy of the assignment you are providing feedback for.

Designer's Instructions & Conclusion


Design an online classroom which:

· Is based on Constructivists’ Theory

o Has student centered activities

o Is warm, friendly, interactive, and easy to use

o Diminishes transactional distance and isolation

o Enables facilitator to build community and class culture

§ (Stavredes, Chapter 4, 6, 14, 2011)

· Uses conceptual scaffolding and reflection to enhance learning

o Allows facilitator to use visual representations such as diagrams, concept maps, and outlines

o Contains reflection activities such as portfolios, blogging, and summaries

§ (Stavredes, Chapter 9, 11, 2011)

· Incorporates interactive discussion threads

o Outlines learner responsibilities

o Incorporates Socratic questioning in conjunction with interactive techniques to include weaving, prompts, elaboration, clarification, and summaries

o Develops critical thinking skills

§ (Stavredes, Chapter 11,12,13, 2011)

· Contains technology tools to facilitate a variety of assignments

o Movie making, audio, graphics, cartoon strip makers, podcasts, hyperlinks, embedded products

o Synchronous capabilities; skype, instant messaging, chat rooms

o Supports Wiki pages, Prezi, blogging, reflection

§ (Stavredes, Chapter 14, 2011)

· Provides feedback tools

o Supports editing tools, Microsoft Word Track Changes

o Rubrics

o Feedback comments which are positive, specific, detailed, and contain suggestions for improvement

§ (Stavredes, Chapter 15, 2011)


Stavredes, T. (2011). Effective Online Teaching. Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Jenna Pavleck, Instructor