POHW Before & After poster

by Sebastian Fernandez

1) Hollis' outlook on life

in the beggining Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes in the end she is happy to be ppart of the Reagan family.

page # 1 "how about W for want or W for wish or W for wouldnt it be lovely."

2)Hollis' trust issuses

at the beginning Hollis doesnt really trust anyone because she was abandoned as a little tiny baby in the end she learns how to trust people and care for them.PAGE # 48 "its were they found you as a baby."

3) What Hollis thinks about Josie

At the beginning she thinks she is crazy and she doesn't like her very much, in the end she love josie and doesnt want to leave her. page #127 "you have josie . i love josie."

4) Hollis' life

at the beginning she is a sad little foster cild who acts tough to avoid affection , and on the outside she shows little emotion but she actually feels sadness and happieness.in the end she is a nice girl with a family she also shows emotion and now she shows it on the outside. page #166 " i have to say i even smle back at them once in a while."

5) Hollis' relationship with the mustard lady

at the beginning Hollis didnt like te mustard lady at all on the phone Hollis was being rude to the mustard lady but at the end she sort of liked her but still it was difficult for Hollis to like her. page # 165 " i have to say every once in a while i smile back."

6) josie' s memory loss

through out the book josie's memory loss gets worse and worse progressively worse. page # 165 "josie doesn't remember exactly who i am any more."

7) Henry and Hollis' relationship

at the beginning he is a crabby old orange mangy cat that didn' really like hollis but at the end he kid of likes her more then before. page # 165 "henry looks at me and its almost as if he winks before closing both eyes above a wide awn

Hollis Woods

Hollis is a very sad little girl who would love to have a nice family. her parents left here in Hollis Woods NY and has gone from foster home to foster home looking for a good family. tjank the lord she finally found a family with the Reagans.

josie cahil

a lonely lady with dementia she lives alone with her cat. her cousin ends up moving in with her and her cat. her cat is named henry. her cousin is named beatrice.
push for Holis woods picture

this is a picture o the book "pictures of hollis woods"

day we finished "Pictures Of Hollis Woods"

Thursday, Jan. 22nd, 10am

Waxhaw, NC, United States

Waxhaw, NC

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