Mexico City

Green Plan Report Analysis


Defined as a mega city, Mexico City and it's surrounding area is home to over 21 million residents. With it's large population comes many environmental issues related to land, public space, water, air, transportation, waste, climate change and energy. Mexico City's Green Plan was launched on August 30, 2007 with a 15 year goal. It addresses several development and environmental challenges simultaneously and ensures that Mexico City's government promotes policies that continue economic development while preserving the environment.
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Climate Change & Energy

  • To deliver the Climate Change Action Plan for Mexico City

  • To endorse all actions proposed by the transportation, water, air, public spaces, waste and energy plans aimed at the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

  • To reduce Mexico City’s vulnerability to climate change by implementing adaptation measures for all population in general


Mexico City has achieved significant progress: of the 76 goals that comprise the Green Plan, 22 have already been achieved, while 31 goals have been realized by at least 50%.