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Many people want to play a sport but don't understand the rules. The most played sports are football are basketball. Stay tuned to find out the rules of those previous sports.


In basket ball there are many rules and/or plays. For the white play the 1,2,3 players must dribble the ball to the end of the court and pass the ball to the 4 at the basket. Then the 5 on the team must make the rebound. A rebound is when you make a basket and you have to jump up and try to shot again.


The next set of rules is about football. NFL team play 16 regular games in a season game. proceded by a minmmun of 4 games that are played in Agust. A football game last for about 15 minutes for each quarter. After the first two quaters they will have half time. In the super bowl this is a time where a mega star will come and preform as an intermisson

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There are many diffrent rules in many diffrent sports. There are also diffrent rules in life as well. Just keep trying and get your head in the game!!!!!!! <3 keep calm and play sports!!!!!!