New England Colonies

Join the New World with the most elite colonies

What aspects make the New England colonies superior to others?

Not only do they have intelligent and brave founders, but they also share multiple positive contributions. For instance, all colonies have a common economy; livestock, grain, iron, and shipbuilding. With the plethora of resources in the New England colonies, it's easy to live and quickly create a balanced society. In addition to their economies, the colonies run their societies in similar fashions. New Hampshire and Massachusetts are royal based colonies while Rhode Island and Connecticut are charter. Although the New England colonies hold many similarities, there are (things) that make each colony it's own.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams, who strived for religious freedom and separation from the church. As a result, this colony is run by self government and a system under freedom of religion, creating a well balanced society. In fact, Rhode Island is described as "strongly individualistic and stubbornly independent". Rhode Island is a stabilized society with beneficial resources, multiple freedoms, and most of all a wise leader.


This colony was founded in 1636 by John Haynes and Thomas Hooker, a man who believed in political and religious freedom. Connecticut is located on the country side, which makes it a perfect place to settle down to raise livestock or to live a peaceful life. For those who like the sea view or have skills in shipbuilding, Connecticut is the place to come. The sea coast is just a few steps away! Puritans are welcomed here as well as others who strive for religious and political freedom.

New Hampshire

Captain John Mason set sail to New Hampshire in search of a farming and fishing industry. When he arrived, not only did he achieve those two industries but also discovered shipbuilding, salt, furs, and trade. All the productivity in New Hampshire makes finding an occupation very manageable. The physical features of New Hampshire include the beautiful White Mountains and the lovely, dense forests. Anyone who is looking for job opportunities and a fresh start is welcome to this beautiful colony!


What started as a desperate flee from persecution has evolved into the bustling, prosperous Puritan colony that we have today. Founded on the principles of strict Puritanism by our pious leader John Winthrop, our colony has become a leader in trades such as agriculture and shipbuildng. Starting from 1,000 colonists we are certainly one of the largest colonies, so there is certainly no shortage of new people to meet. Plus, if you are looking of representation in government then this is surely the colony for you. We offer the privilege of participation in government to all of our Puritan citizens.

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