The Lorax conserve natural resource

By Giovanni larin

The Lorax and the once-ler

The Lorax speaks for the trees and the once-ler cuts down all the truffula tree faster than they can grow back and the Lorax gets mad because the once-ler is polluting the air ,water and cutting down all the trees.The Lorax kept saying stop the truffula trees are rare let them grow.The boy Ted finds the once ler in a house and the once ler says "give me some coins and I will talk.ted gives him some coins and he found out the story of the Lorax.

Swomee-swans humming fish and the brown bar ba loots

Once ler polluted the air so the swans can't see In the air.Then he polluted the water so all the humming fish had to go somewhere else .Then the cut down all the truffula trees so the brown bar ba loots moved somewhere else and the Lorax said nobody listened to me.everything is gone!