S'more #1 what is media Literacy?

Isaac Diaz

Mrs. Danley

12th grade LA



Media is what connects the people around the world through technology and all around us. It lets us learn and gain information through the technology that we have, updates and news alerts helps us with what's going on in the world sometimes even helps saves a life, but sometimes the media can break someone down especially their image and what they do, the media also lies on certain stuff, and maybe could even kill someone if it went too far, media literate could be anyone addicted to technology examples like a teenage boy/girl or someone that works at a technology corp. Some people could be so addicted to the technology couldn't even worry about other people around them, it would get worse and worse if we keep going the way we're going, now our life is surrounded by technology everything we use in our lives is technology the mind we put in technology the future will be in technology and media, everyone wants to know everything and the media will show them everything they need to know, and forever this is a process we can't stop every year something new comes out and we have to get it it's like a trend of it like we have to get every update and we don't need it

S'more #2 What can i do ?

Isaac diaz

Mrs. Danley

12th grade LA


S’more #2

Stop the ultra use of technology around the world, almost six out of ten children, ages three to 17 , used the Internet at home, nearly six times as many as in 1997 seventy-nine percent had a computer at home, up from 15 percent in 1984 this has been and still is a big issue with kids all over the world, in someway we need to slow down this voltage of technology each kids uses we need to stop letting kids get on and tell them to go outside we need to put our kids into sports or any outdoor activities we need to limit the amount of technology that we use a day so that we could learn something every day what i would do to stop or slow down is just useless and less everyday so that eventually i wouldn't have to use much at all except for contact with the family tell all my friends to slow down also build posters to advance in this progress and once i showed them that i have slowed down they'll see i have indeed slowed down i would say that we don't need it but only for contact between each other the more and more we would spread the word the more better it would get for all of us we could really slow down if we used it less but this situation is the main situation that we are facing and also we don't pay enough attention

S'more #3 super bowl

Isaac Diaz

Mrs. Danley

12 Grade LA


Snickers, Snickers Super Bowl 2016 Commercial Willem Dafoe Marilyn Monroe, super bowl commercial (2016) claims that you are not you when you’re hungry and also suggests that you should have a sneakers cause its argues that it makes you into someone that you act different when you are hungry. In this commercial a man by the name of Willem Dafoe is trying to portray as Marilyn Monroe in a skirt but explains that he is a man instead of a woman so it isn’t good at all, but when he eats the snickers he changes into Marylyn Monroe and feels better.

S'more #4 Men we adore

Isaac Diaz




Advertising Today

How do you see advertising and its impact on society? Does it reflect societal values or dictate them? What does it portray more men or women? Advertising today has changed dramatically since back then. It’s like advertising just switched on how it does it stuff.

Advertising today has changed a lot for women and men, mainly on men. Commercials back then portrayed women and how weak they’re. Which wasn’t true the whole tie and we knew that. Using lines like “Hit like a girl” or, “Even a girl could do it”. Believe it or not that’s how it was and in some cases still is. But now a bigger problem it’s switched to the men. This really dictates the societal value of today. Instead of the women taking the heat now it’s the men, see now we just switched the men downgraded from what they really are. Men not being able to take care of their own children, also women taking care of the bills like the men cant. Just downgrading men. I wonder why it switched, women and men should be totally equal with anything and everything they do or show fo

S'more #5 Media manipulation

Isaac Diaz

Mrs. Danley

12 grade LA


How do you think there is hypocrisy in advertising in general? I feel as if the commercial’s now have a lot of hypocrisy in them. The way they show them not even focused on the product showing something other than the product. The hypocrisy in these commercials are horrible, one of them is alcohol. Everybody drinks and when these commercials come up of the alcohol in one hand and this beautiful woman right next to them, wishes that everybody wants that. Still, at the end of every commercial tell everyone to drink responsible knowing that in most cases something always happen. Another problem is tobacco, these businesses still make money I mean a lot of money from people that addicted. With this people still die and people still keep on buying. For what so they could still die? Selling this stuff as if it was healthy for you then turn around and think that this is one of the main killers in America. Horrible, in so many ways and why to poison us? I think it has gotten worse over time cause these things keep happening what to do to these commercials in today?


S'more #6

Isaac Diaz

Mrs. Danley

12th grade LA


Should Apple fix ?

There has been bombings in San Bernandino that left people dead loved ones lost over these bombings, there has been evidence inside a phone, an iPhone to be exact even though this would be great evidence the gov. Couldn't get through the phone to find the people who led to these bombings the gov. Was sure it was in that phone, the police went to Apple Corp. to ask if they could have someone break into the phone so that they could get the evidence they needed, well apple disagreed and denied the request because if apple does this then it would jeopardize everyone's security with their phones the security would be loose everyone’s privacy would be loose, so the u.s. Gov. (supreme court) ordered apple to follow through but apple still denied the gov. Kept pushing it but still they denied, i feel as if it was wrong for the gov. To push Apple to remove the pass code for the case but i also feel that apple should’ve helped any way possible with this situation because they’re lives at stake and there could’ve been another bombing wrong on both sides for not helping each other out

S'more #7 Agree or Disagree

Isaac Diaz

Mrs. Danley

12th grade LA


Agree or Disagree ?

I disagree at the fact that they can't think out loud for themselves if they do they can could get in trouble by the thought police, this is what i mainly disagree with the dystopian governments that they have are horrible, there shouldn't be any outer or inner parties and no thought police of any kind at all, I disagree with this whole matter no different languages either everyone should be able to speak freely and openly and say what they think the way they control everything and the way they have the consequences for even the littlest thing in there book and including that big brother is watching you they’re following winston and eventually they’ll catch him of his thoughts and his diary and his thoughts because “big brother is watching “

S'more #8 get it straight

isaac diaz


12th grade LA


Donald Trump:

"We give them $150 billion, we get nothing."

It was on Tuesday, march 15th, 2016 in a speech at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump believes that we are cutting a check for $150 billion dollar check to Iran but in reality it was their money to begin with. Most of the assets are about $150 billion some say it is about 100 billion that was held up. Basically if Iran gave up most of its fire power we would unfreeze the accounts but that wasn’t the only thing they had to give up. My overall thoughts on trumps quote is that it was their money in the first place who are we to take something that belonged to them in the first place I disagree with trumps comment to this situation involving the country of Iran.

Marco Rubio:

"Is less than 1 percent of our federal budget."

It was on Friday, March 11th, 2016 in a GOP debate at the University of Miami.

Marco Rubio claims he often hears a lot of people arguing that a lot of taxpayer money can be save if we had cut back on foreign aid. But that wouldn’t happen. It says that not much is really spent on foreign aid. The committee for a responsible federal budget says that “foreign aid represents a total of 0.7 percent of the budget, or 1 percent if military aid is included. That means fully eliminating foreign aid would save only $35 billion or $40 billion per year – a very small fraction of projected annual deficits."

Hillary Clinton:

"Gun violence is by far the leading cause of death for young African American men, outstripping the next nine causes of death combined."

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016 in a speech posted on Medium.

This statement is mostly true, African- American men and boys between the ages of 15 and 24 for 2014 the 1st ranked was homicide with 2,416 nuber of deaths and, 2,256 number gun-related by the CDC. So with this information it is by far correct if we are talking about “young”. I agree with the whole statement because its true.

Bernie Sanders:

"The Walton family of Walmart ... This one family owns more wealth than the bottom 40 percent of the American people."

It on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016 in a campaign rally.

Bernie started talking about one of the richest families in the world, the Walton family, explaining how rich they were. That they are richer than 40 percent of the American people. But it says that they have debts and other finances the would probably bring their net worth down a lot probably to 0 or even negatively. I agree with Bernie they are loaded cause everybody shops at Walmart .

I found out the some of the stuff that they fight about isn't really that important , Sometimes they're like children just picking at each other, it is very important to know who you are voting for, if you don't know then you shouldn't vote its like opening a door that you have no idea whats on the other side of it, also should check if these candidates are legitimate on what they say and what they do and also what they did in the past i really don't that people fact check their candidate most people just vote for the most common and it shouldn't be like that we can never rely on the media to tell us the truth because most of the time it only shows some of the truth not all of it the problem with not looking up the truth about your candidates is they could be hiding something you might not like , like i said earlier its like opening a door you have no idea whats behind it

S'more #9 aint rebellion fine

Isaac Diaz

Mrs. Danley

12th grade LA


These rebellions mean something to the people that do them. There’s something to fight for of course when people rebel, they’re a lot of rebellions throughout history the one I’m choosing is the Cuban rebellion. I chose this particular one because I could relate to it. But a rebellion isn’t a rebellion if it doesn’t have a leader. Every rebellion has a leader if it didn’t the rebellion wouldn’t be as successful and what made the Cuban rebellion is its leader. Fidel Castro the infamous leader of the Cuban rebellion and was very successful leaders like him is what makes these rebellions so powerful. Cuba was full of everyone trying to over throw the country including Castro, castro led an attack nut failed and was arrested but that didn’t stop him. He gathered rebels from mexico to help him over throw the general Batista and that's what he did. Some of the tactics used is fear tactics put fear into them for them to be scared an oblige by anything you say.

S'more #10

S'more #11Does technology come from heaven

Isaac Diaz

Mrs. danley

12th grade la


"Is technology sent from heaven?" says Orwell about the technology and science that advances very fast, as he says it is primitive for today this is all we use in today's world we use these two items for are needs and are wants and the speeds of these items is very fast we have to get the new phone or the best tv or have a crazy medicine for every sickness that you get, Orwell is saying that it was never like this or was saying that this boom of technology became of us so fast and it keeps on developing as time flies by but not every technology is bad some really helps us with what we need to do in are lives we actually need most technology this makes more things faster for everyone we are more into the technology than anything else what Orwell is saying is that it is getting worse everyday

s'more #12

Isaac Diaz

Mrs. Danley

12th grade LA


S’more #12

My Thoughts on happiness vs. Freedom with happiness it’s what you believe and how your mind set is in reality and also what you are doing that makes you feel that way that nothing can bring it or you down happy where you are at, with freedom it’s more about choices then demands you have a choice to do this or that and also have the choice to say anything you please to anyone for Winston’s view I feel as if happiness would and should be better and in that reason you if you and to die you should die happy not just free , I feel as if some people would choose freedom because they’ve been locked away for something or trapped and just wants to be free but then again some would choose happiness because they’ve been having or had a miserable life and just wants to be happy Winston doesn’t care about freedom anymore at the end of this book even though it turns him back normal but he dies happy thanking big brother for everything they have done all this while thinking about what he has done to Julia.

S'more #13

Isaac Diaz
Mrs. Danley
12th Grade LA
The gaslighter states something false with such intensity and conviction that whoever is on the receiving end is confused and begins to doubt their own perspective, this is gaslighting over the years this sort of thing or action has gotten popular and easy for the people of power to use this method. I would have to say that trump is the main gaslighter in politics today all he wants is for you to think that something isn’t there when there is something there, makes you think twice on the decision you made or makes you not believe it happen, with anything it could be of any argument that person would try to make you believe that you're wrong , what we need to do to stop this is not let them when of course do everything we can to not make us believe what they’re are telling us is true except tell them the same thing not argue but argue sometimes you can't win the argument but you could if you really thought about it donald trump as I see it is a big gaslighter especially about himself if something is true and he doesnt want to admit it his gaslighting stage would turn on.

S'more #14 Part 1

Isaac Diaz

Mrs. Danley

12th grade LA


Mostly everyone has a phone in this generation or the newest phone the best phone the most efficient phone anyone could have, they see stuff news, alerts, etc. their phone fast in some ways the smart phone helps us out but Prince is right, our attention span is decreasing because we are either looking down at our phone or online all day, of course its good to have a phone to get in contact or emergency’s but not to over use the phone to get famous or to have the most followers possible but this could be stop so it won’t be a permanent reality. We would just have to slow down also parents should get involved more (they already do) to help out just tell everyone to disconnect for a day and see how you would feel refreshed cause you’re not constantly on your phone or inside on the computer, this could help a lot the problem with social media is that some people are addicted to eat they have to post a picture or make a Snapchat just to show what’s going on with their life , attention , some of the people can control it some can’t but we could control it there are many ways to stop this addiction. One way we could stop is distracting us from the “social media” with something else to do like a job or exercising those could be healthy for us and benefit, or maybe go outside to take a walk, if we keep going like this it could get worse as Prince says, we would be less connected with each other and being more selfish not connecting with the rest of the world, what would I do or can do is help out stop the recording stop the selfies stop the posts all combined and tell everyone to stop just for one day and tell them to see what happens I would first start with my friends then keep it going and after only use it for emergencies and contact only

S'more #14

Part 2

i think my views of media literacy has deepened very much because i have learn very much of this topic this information i have learned has and is helping me with everything this topic has really influenced me to to cut back on technology and this topic has showed me that it could really do a lot of bad stuff I have learned a lot from this class especially dealing with technology and also how to control it , this class was way different including that fact that i practiced my writing skills even more so I've had gotten better with my writing pieces this class actually has helped me a lot the most thing you could've would be less assignments

but i also like the smores that we have to write it actually helps me write more and also keep on topic don't change the smores just add more of them.