The Gallipoli Campaign

''The War To End All Wars''

What was the Gallipoli Campaign:

The Gallipoli Campaign was also called the DARDANELLES. The ANZAC's landed at the Gallipoli peninsula on 25th of April, 4:28am, 1915. Many people say we had landed on the wrong beach. This is due to a lack of navigation or due to the change of orders ( Nice one Ian Hamilton.)

The photo down below is Ian Hamilton:

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The beach names and where the ANZAC's landed:

The five landing beaches were code-named S, V, W, X and Y. The ANZAC troops landed at "Z beach" , near Gaba Tepe, on the west coast of the Gallipoli peninsula, to stop Turkish reinforcements moving down against the British. The French would land on nearby mainland Turkey as a diversion.

Who Were Considered the Strongest in the World at that time?

At that time Bristish and French navies were considered the strongest in the world, but the British and French navies were defeated on 18 March, 1915 by the Turks. With the failure of naval attacks.

Who was the longest survivor in World War 1?

The longest survivor was Harry Patch who died on 25 July 2009, aged 111. He was not an ANZAC soldier, but he was a British soldier.

Among the ANZAC soldiers, John Campbell survived. Sadly he died on 3 June, 2009, aged 110.

Some Facts You Might Find Interesting:

* The War To End All Wars

* 1914 - 1918

* Served: 331,781

* Died: 60,284

* Wounded: 152,284

* Men Awarded the Victoria Cross: 66

What was the Gallipoli Campaign like during that time:

The Gallipoli Campaign at the time was extremely scary, sad, not nice at all, horrible and much, much more terrible!

What happened:

As we all know, the ANZAC troops were dying because Turkish troops where at the top of a foot hill shooting down at us. The ANZAC troops were climbing the foothill. Since the Turkish troops had machine guns, they used it as an advantage. They also used bombs which blew up and caused disaster!

Many men died, but the ANZAC's never gave up and that is what we call true ANZAC SPIRIT!!!

What weapons were used in World War 1:

Boltaction rifles by all British soldiers. French soldiers and the ANZAC's used bayonets. Machine guns were used but not like how we used them today very often.

These where the most common weapons used during World War 1. And that's all my dear friends!!!

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