Power Poses

By: Joe Krenek

1. Relate in detail the efforts by Dr. Cuddy and her team to meet the rigid standards of research in this study. What research terminology do you see commented on in this speech?

Scientific Method- Dr Cuddy uses the scientific method to build and experiment, she asks a question, develops a theory and then moves on to the next step.

Hypothesis- Dr. Cuddy’s hypothesis is that if people use high power poses then they will be more successful in doing different actions as opposed to doing lower power poses.

Random Sample- Dr Cuddy is also sure to use a random sample of people and by not telling them what the experiment really is she gets a broader range of test subjects.

Experiment- Dr cuddy’s experiment involves adults, they take these adults and place them in either low power poses or high power poses, they have saliva samples from before and after to test the levels of testosterone and cortisol. After theses tests are done they then had samplers gamble to see the results, in another experiment they also had patients go to a job interview to tests their levels of testosterone and cortisol from doing different poses.

2. All research in Psychology begins with a ‘Big Idea’. What do you believe was Dr. Cuddy’s ‘big idea’? Then, explain how that idea was turned into a ‘hypothesis’

I believe that Dr. cuddy’s big idea was power poses. Her hypothesis was then to figure out the effects that powerful and non powerful poses had on people in different scenarios like gambling, job interviews etc.

3. Explain how data was tracked in detail according to the experiments from her speech. Make sure you use the terminology here. Specifically ‘correlation’.

The data that Dr. Cuddy collected proved that those of which had been doing powerful poses as opposed to low power poses were more successful. With High power poses the testosterone levels would see an increase and cortisol levels would decrease. for lower power poses the opposite happened testosterone went down and cortisol went up. this proves that high power poses do indeed have correlation to higher success rates.
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