Entree-Smore Content Questions

"Night" by Elie Wiesel

How did camp life change the prisoners as a person? A family? And relationships with other human beings?

I think that the experiences they had when they started going throughthe camp life scared the prisoners. The prisoners also had to do many labors of work and seeing children burned alive and many others dying in the camp made them paranoid. Families split up for survival later in the camp just to survive and they didn't care about helping anyone they just wanted to make out of the camp at a certain point. Camp life made the other prisoners not work together to survive but feed off one another for survival by taking their bread rations or food and water and feeling no regret for it because camp life had destroyed them into acting like wild animals.

Identify at least 3 themes in the novel.

One of themes that really stood out in the story was Faith. When everyone first got to the camp they just went along trusting in faith. Even when many people were dying the prisoners were praying to God and speaking prayers every day and night. Even though Elie Wiesel doubted his Faith throughout the story many others still trusted in their faith. Another one of the themes that started near the end of the story was survival. Many of the prisoners didn't care about each other anymore and fought to the death over bread rations because of how much the camp life had scarred them. At that point they only could think of survival and making it out of the camp. The last theme that I saw in the story Night was Hatred. The Nazi's had hatred towards the Jews, gypsies and others during the holocaust. So much hatred that they burned Jewish children alive made others starve to death, and killing off over millions of innocent people