Warbritton Weekly Head's Headlines

Week of March 14th, 2016

Upcoming Events


March 15th- Rescheduled Watch Dogs Sweet Treats @6:00

March 18-28th Spring Break

March 29th-Students report

We Survived!!

Well hopefully your kid was not too stressed about the tests. Yah, part 1 DONE- now back to teaching and learning! Part 2 will sneak back up the end of April, first of May. We are back to routines for now. Don't forget Wednesday and Thursday this week are make-ups days from the snow- so we they will be regularly scheduled academic days! We will be closing up the 3rd nine weeks this week. So any makeup work or redo assessments will due by Thursday! We hope you and your family have a wonderful spring break! Enjoy your time off and come back ready to shine this last nine weeks of 4th grade!!


Chris, Gio, Gracie, and Noah for working on Moby Max at home:)

Don't forget this would be a great thing to do over the break for about 20-30 minutes each day!!


RI.4.5 Describe the overall structure of a text or part of a text

(chronological, cause/effect, comparison, problem-solution, description)

W.4.4 Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development and organization are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience

L.4.5b Identify and define common idioms, adages, and proverbs

ELA Homework: Word Study

Monday- Sort and Write

Tuesday- SAW (sort, alphabetize, write)

Wednesday- 10 sentences

Math Corner- Measurement & Data


Recognize angles as geometric shapes that are formed wherever two rays share a common endpoint, and understand concepts of angle measurement: (a) An angle is measured with reference to a circle with its center at the common endpoint of the rays, by considering the fraction of the circular arc between the points where the two rays intersect the circle. An angle that turns through 1/360 of a circle is called a "one-degree angle," and can be used to measure angles. (b) An angle that turns through n one-degree angles is said to have an angle measure of n degrees.


Measure angles in whole-number degrees using a protractor. Sketch angles of specified measure

Weekly reminders-

*Check their agenda daily and make sure they are completing their weekly & daily homework!

Weekly Homework: DROPS THIS WEEK & GO MATH daily

Make sure your child is studying their Math 4 Today spiral review each Thursday night for their quiz on Friday

GO MATH textbook and resources online https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/ePC/start.do

You will have to fill in the country, state, district (Metro Nashville), and school

Then your child has their own username which is their firstandlastname (lowercase and no spaces) Password is their birthdate (Ex. 02102006)

*If you have an iPad- a great app I have found is the Go Math 4th grade. It is $1.99 but is a great practice tool to use.

*If you have internet access have your child log onto his/her account and practice math fact fluency and math skills tailored to your child’s strengths and weaknesses

www.mobymax.com and www.xTramath.org

*http://www.worksheetworks.com/ allows you to personalize certain skills to practice.

*Another fun site to practice math on is http://mrnussbaum.com/math-for-kids/

Social Studies/ Science News


*Collect data to illustrate that the physical properties of matter can be described with tools that measure weight, mass, length, and volume.

*Explore different types of physical changes in matter.

* Distinguish among heat, radiant, and chemical forms of energy.

* Investigate how light travels and is influenced by different types of materials and surfaces

Science book activities http://macmillanmh.com/science/2010/student/tn/grade4/

Wish Lists Items

  • EXPO markers
  • Clorox Wipes!!

Teacher + Parent + Child Working Together = A Successful Year in Fourth Grade

Dear Parents & Students-

We are excited that we will be working with you and your child this year! We will work hard this year to meet each child’s needs, no matter their ability. We will do our best to help your child to develop socially, emotionally, and academically. We firmly believe each child can reach his or her potential if he or she is willing to do their BEST! We are looking forward to a very exciting year here at Shayne!

Box Tops for Education

We are collecting box tops. Please cut and save these for our school. Place in a baggie and send in with your child. We will have two collection periods. So clip and save those box tops so our school can earn free money.