Point Arena Mt. Beaver


The Point Arena Mt. Beaver is an endangered species

The Point Arena Mt. Beaver have a ratio 1:1 of males and females. They have a lifespan of 5-6 years and have a low reproductive from December 15- June 30. The females can only have a single litter each year, having 2-3 off-springs with disappearing from April 15-September 30. Like many species threatened and endangered a big reason for them decline is habitat lose.


They were listed on the endangered list, December 12, 1991, their current population is unknown, but they estimate about 26. They were enlisted due to habitat lose and disturbance. Agricultural use such as: cattle and sheep, alter vegetation and destroy their borrows. Also loud noise and vibration during mating season, disturbing them.


Point Arena Mt. Beaver are semi-fossorial, spend most of their underground in borrows. Their habitat can be found in moist, steep north-facing slopes on well drained, friable soil. Their borrows can be found in mesic coastal scrub, northern dune, the edges of conifer forest, and riparian plant communities.

Limiting Factor

They have highly developed tactile senses, during matting season if its to loud for them, they will not make babies. Vegetation fires plays a big role in there endangered listed. Rodent control also threat the mountain beavers lives.


Steps for recovery. There is no progress being made, but approximately 80 percent of Point Arena Mountain Beavers are on private land.

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