The Eleventh Plague

By:Jeff Hirsch

Introduction---Genre: Action, Suspense.

“If it was true that all paths in our World led to only one place, then why not fill whatever path you chose with the best things you could find?” .


Stephen and his family are part of the few who survived the "Eleventh Plague". After his grandfather dies, Stephen and his father are forced to keep moving. Stephens father falls into a coma and Stephen is left for dead. Will he survive or will he perish with the rest of the country? Read The Eleventh Plague to find out!


My Opinion

I think The Eleventh Plague is a book for older people because it has some content that young children would not understand like, Some Romance, (Yuck!) and lots of violence.

I think this is a great book because its not one of those books that has so much dialogue and not enough action. The only things that are bad about this book: It didn't really hook me at the beginning, and at the end it does jump from place to place. Overall I think The Eleventh Plague is a great book!

-------------------------------------------------The "Pitch" --------------------------------------------------

My Favourite parts of The Eleventh Plague are:

  • The way the author described the setting. It really painted a picture in my head.
  • He also made great characters with great personalities.
  • I loved the way he used personification.


Overall I would give this a 4 out of 5 because the middle of the book is mostly filler until the end of the book where all the action begins. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to all readers ages 10 and above.