Principal's Update

October 9, 2020

Above all else, love one another. - 1 Peter 4:8

Saints Community,

We are seeing smiles from our students as they come on campus and meet up with their classmates and teachers. This just blesses us all as we see the connections happening and experience being in community. We appreciate how challenging this time of being distant is for everyone-students, parents, teachers. Know that we are working to create opportunities for connection (while following all the health protocols) and welcome ideas you might have.

God is good and he is with us! We are grateful for you and send an abundance of love your way. Our prayer is that the NCCS community will grow closer and stronger in faith through this time.

Giving Him all the glory for the good things He is doing.


Mrs. James

Meet with Teachers

Please be sure to note that the conferences are held via Google Meet or by phone, not in person at the school. Check with your child's teacher to schedule a time to meet on Monday, Oct. 12.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month

“The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching” (1 Timothy 5:17).

Thank you and blessings on those in our school community who are local pastors:

  • Loren Larson, Associate Pastor of Family Ministries, Oregon City Church
  • Bryan Watt, Youth Pastor, Stone Creek Church
  • Brian Eberly, Associate Pastor, Foothills Community Church
  • Alpha Hayward, Senior Pastor, Revolution Church
  • Danae Plover, Ministry Director, Eastridge Church
  • Jason Motte, Lead Pastor, Grace Point Church
  • Sam Stuckey, Student Ministry Pastor, Foothills Community Church
  • Dr. Jim Newby, NCCS Bible Teacher and Campus Pastor

School Updates

  • We are watching Oregon and Clackamas County COVID metrics. It is important to be aware that this data directly correlates to students being on-site or having to do distance learning. Thank you for supporting this effort by following the healthy practices outlined by CDC and OHA (see picture below).
  • We have begun planning for the allowed ODE exception for "Limited In-Person Instruction" for grade 4-12 students to be on campus for specific instruction and support. This exception allows for 2 hours on-site and cohorts of 10 students (max) at a time. Teachers will work together to develop this plan for NCCS, maximizing the time together for instruction and the needs of the students.
  • We have room in our 3-day preschool program for children ages 3-5, as well as in a few of our elementary grades. Please share about our school with your contacts and direct them to our office for information and registration. Questions should be directed to McKenzie Falotico at
Big picture

Information on In-Person Exceptions

As we have opened K-3 for in-person instruction, it is important to understand the direction for maintaining that status or option. According to ODE, the following should be considered for any school in this situation.

When to pause for schools that opened under the exceptions to the metrics:

For schools that have opened under any one of the exceptions to the public health metrics for reopening schools for in-person K-12 instruction, including the K-3 exception, they should consider the spread of COVID-19 within school and the broader community in deciding to temporarily return to Comprehensive Distance Learning. If there are cases in two or more cohorts without an identified common exposure, school officials should discuss with local public health officials to determine if this represents unexplained spread within the school or broader community. It is encouraged that the school follow recommendations from their local public health authority on whether a temporary move to Comprehensive Distance Learning (for two weeks or longer) is recommended to protect the health and safety of the students, staff and families.

At this time, at NCCS, we will continue to be open for full day in-person instruction for K-3 and plan for the exception of "Limited In-person Instruction" for grades 4-12, as long as our community remains well. Over the past two weeks in Clackamas County the metrics have shown a slight increase in case count (above 30/100,000), yet a favorable postivity rate (staying below 5%). While it is unfortunate that the cases have begun to rise slightly, it is not enough for us to consider a change in our plan.

As you can see from the ODE statement above, now that we are within the exception for K-3, there is latitude for us to make site decisions while we work closely with public health. We will continue to communicate with parents throughout this time, and if the need to return to remote learning comes we will do our best to provide adequate time to make the adjustment. Please contact Mrs. James should you have any questions or need assistance.

Keeping Everyone Healthy

We are doing everything possible in the school to midigate the spread of germs. As a reminder, here is what we are doing and how you can help:

1. Any symptom of illness is taken seriously. Students who are not well should remain home and use remote learning as a means to do school. Students showing signs of illness at school are immediately sent home until symtom free.

Remember that as a parent, you have agreed to complete a health screening of your student each morning before coming to school or to participate in a school event, and by doing so assure that there are no concerns related to COVID-19:

  • Symptom free, no signs of the following: fever (over 100.4); new cough; shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; fever; chills; muscle pain; sore throat; new loss of taste or smell.

  • No exposure (e.g., by a household member) to COVID-19 within the preceding 14 days.

2. Restrooms and high touch surfaces are dysinfected throughout the day. A professional custodial service cleans the building at the end of every school day.

3. Cohorts (grade level) are kept together and do not mix with other cohorts while at school.

4. All students, staff, and guests wear a face covering when in the school.

5. Students and staff keep physically distanced and classrooms are set up to meet the spacing requirements.

6. Hand washing and sanitizing stations are frequently used by all.

School Picture Days

We have rescheduled school pictures for November 3, 4, and 6. A schedule and ordering information will be shared from our office in the coming weeks. If you ordered pictures from Lifetouch already for this school year, those will apply for our new dates.

High School Leadership Conference

The upcoming Leadership Conference is an opportunity for any high school student who wants to make a difference and feels ready and willing to give the time and energy to learn, to be challenged, and to put ideas into action. See the flyer below and please let Mrs. Moore know if your student is interested.

Willamette Valley Pie Sale

It’s that time of year again for our annual Pie Sale Fundraiser! It’s a great way to purchase something you may need for the holidays and support our school. We will be collecting orders for the next three weeks and the deadline to submit is Friday, October 30th. Please fill out the attached form and mail it back to the school with a check (made out to NCCS), or drop it off in the office during our office hours (M-F, 8am-4pm).

Any questions can be directed to, Emily Clark, Business Manager:

Parenting Pivot Challenge!

Over the years, Axis has become the go-to partner for thousands of parents looking to help their kids translate an ever-changing culture through the lens of the Gospel. Axis is known for its valuable, timely, and insightful content. They are here, ready to equip you for the challenge that lies ahead as a parent.

The Parenting Pivot Challenge is a 14-day challenge (Oct. 8-24) covering the biggest, most important topics and issues on the hearts of parents and kids through a FREE challenge featuring LIVE interviews with top experts!

The challenge will feature speakers like Bethany Hamilton, Michael and Megan Hyatt, Dr. Mark Mayfield, Dr. Julie Slattery, and more!

Sign up today!

Fundraising Committee-Seeking Volunteers!

Every year our school relies on several important Fund Raising Events to supplement our Annual Budget and we are reliant on the hard work and dedication of our parent volunteers.

This year we would like to create a general "Fundraising Committee" and then it’s members will be assigned to specific events. The biggest need will be those assigned to our Auction Committee and most importantly a skilled volunteer that can take the lead position of Auction Coordinator. There are various positions within this committee that require a range of commitment, so all are welcome!

If you are interested please contact, Emily Clark, Business Manager:

September and October Birthdays

September: Phoebe(5), Magnus(3), Cohen(6), Reese(6), Lily(1), Claire(1), Desmond(2), Roxi(K), Liam(3), Emery(6), Savannah(6), Nathan(6), Chase(4), Sarah(PS), Timothy(8), Olivia(9), Lacey(8), Austin(11), Isaac(8), Mason(9), Dean(7), Elizabeth(11), Roman(8), Emersyn(8), Emmalyn(10)

October: Katianna(PS), Macee(K), Grant(2), Cordelia(6), Danny(2), Payton(PS), Hannah(3), Hayden(PS), Raegan(6), Gabriel(5), Delaney(PS), Sophia(5), Gabriel(PS), Keiya(9), Jacob(12), Madalynn(7), Shay(11)

Upcoming Events

Oct. 1-29 MAP Testing (by appointment, on-site)

Oct. 9 No School, Teacher Inservice

Oct. 9-30 Annual Pie Sale

Oct. 12 No School, Parent/Teacher Conferences

Oct. 14 PSAT (11th grade, 8 am)

Oct. 19 Curriculum Pick up/Drop off (9am-3pm)

Oct. 27 SAT (12th grade, 8 am)

Oct. 29 PSAT (11th grade, 8 am)

Oct. 30 No School, Teacher Inservice

Nov. 1 Daylight Savings (turn back your clocks!)

Nov. 3, 4, 6 School Picture Days

North Clackamas Christian School

Please reach out to us should you need assistance.

Superintendent/Principal: Sherri James (Ext 101)

Office Manager: McKenzie Falotico (Ext 100)

Dean of Students: Carmen Moore (Ext 214)

Business Office Manager: Emily Clark (Ext 202)

Office Front Desk: Beth Woody (Ext. 601)