RMS Weekly Event Calendar

August 27 - August 31

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What's going on at RMS?

How do you make a difference in the life of a student? As an educator, you probably ask yourself this question every day. School presents its own set of challenges and obstacles and we can often feel like we make no difference at all. However, be assured that each day you do make a difference in the life of a student. You have the power to determine the culture of your classroom. You can make a student feel welcome, supported, and valued. You have the ability to help the student feel confident, secure, and protected. Your actions, body language, and conversations let the students know that you care for them and that they are important to you. No, we may not can fix everything...but we can make a huge impact. What is we used the following powers....

Your greatest power is the power to...

be move loving.

be more courageous.

be more joyous.

be more friendly.

be more sensitive.

be more aware.

be more forgiving.

be more tolerant.

be more patient.

be more helpful.

be a greater human being.

If we all demonstrated the powers listed above, think of the impact we could have on the lives of our students each day. WE do have the power to make a difference...one student at a time!

Be that teacher!

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RMS Mentoring Schedule

We will focus on helping students understand how to set SMART goals this week!

Monday, August 27

  • Megan Skidmore - AEA representative - Will be in the 6th grade teachers' work room until 1:00 for anyone interested in signing up for AEA.
  • RMS Football vs. Sheffield - Fall Jamboree - Home - 5:30 p.m.

Tuesday, August 28

  • No known activities

Wednesday, August 29

  • No known activities

Thursday, August 30

  • RMS Volleyball vs. Haleyville - Home - 4:30 p.m.

Friday, August 31

  • RHS Football vs. Fayette County - Away - 7:00 p.m.

Weekend Events

  • RCS Cross Country @ Brooks Invitational - Florence, AL - September 1 - 9:00 a.m. varsity girls & 9:30 a.m. varsity boys