Weekly Blast

Week of 4/23/18

UC Annual Dylan Williams Memorial Wood Bat Baseball and Softball Invitationals Saturday April 28, 2018

Dylan Williams softball and baseball Invitationals will be played this Saturday. Come out and cheer our Indians on to victory and support the DW Forever An All Star Foundation.

Baseball Schedule:

Game One 9:00 AM Union City vs Ansonia

Game Two 11:00 AM Mississinawa Valley vs Southern Wells

Lunch Break 30 minutes after game two

Game Three 1:30 PM Consolation Game

Game Four 3:30 PM Championship Game

Softball Schedule:

Game One 10:00 AM Winchester vs Ansonia

Game Two 11:45 AM Mississinawa Valley vs Union City

Lunch Break 30 minutes after game two

Game Three 1:45 PM Consolation Game

Game Four 3:30 PM Championship Game

The Dylan Williams Forever An All Star Foundation’s mission is to help increase awareness and provide support for life-saving efforts. This important mission has helped provide automated external defibrillators (AED) to this and surrounding communities. The Williams Foundation has donated at least one AED to every school in Drake and Randolph County. They have donated 80 AEDs total in Indiana, Ohio, Virginia and just recently 2 to North Carolina. AED’s saves thousands of lives each year. UC Indians would like to say a big thank you to the Williams family for helping to turn tragedy into triumph and keeping Dylan’s memory alive.

UC Track Team is Breaking Records

Congratulations to the HS Track Team as they have been setting new school records!

200m dash - Cameron Vincent set a new record of 22.99 during the home UC Quad with Seton, Blue River, and on April 12, 2018. Cam broke the record that was 18 years old and held by N. Burd at 23.2.

4x200m relay - Allen Gonzalez, Mason Good, Trevor Thompson and Cameron Vincent set a new record of 1:38. during the Ansonia Invite on April 10, 2018.

High Jump - Trevor Thompson set a new record of 6 '6.5" during the Owl Qualifier at Ball State on March 3, 2018. Trevor broke the record that was set in 1982 and held by S. Prescott at 6' 6".

New Schedule Information for all Union City fans

Want a better way to be notified of sports calendars? Want to know if times/locations/dates change? You pick the sports you want to see! You can sync individual sports directly to your phone! Up to date info can be found through Eventlink! Athletic Department has started using a new scheduling program. We think you are going to love how we can help you keep informed on what is going on at your athletes school and team.
Big picture

Add the UC Eventlink calendar to your phone or computer calendar

New Software is being used for Athletic Department Calendars

To access this new calendar you need to follow the directions below.

To add the UC Athletics Events calendar to Google Calendar*:

* other calendar programs, see page 2

Copy the address below (don't open it):


Open Google Calendar

Go to “Other Calendars” (left side)

Click on the pull-down arrow and choose “Add by URL”

Paste in the link copied from above, and click “Add Calendar” (at bottom)

The calendar will be added to the “Other Calendars” list, and named “Union City Jr/Sr High School's Athletic Events”

It can be toggled in or out of view by clicking on the colored square to the left of its title

Please turn off the old Pinwheel Calendar on your phone and computer. It is now out of date since event and practice schedules change constantly.

The new Union City Jr/Sr High School’s Athletic Events calendar is current and will be the only calendar updated.

For other calendar programs, such as Outlook:

Go to the address below (or copy and paste it into your web browser). After a few seconds, a file will be downloaded or a download prompt will open. The “.ics” file that is downloaded can then be imported into many calendar programs.